Sunday, January 10, 2010

Religion, Malaysia..

So far 4 churches have been attacked by radical Muslims after the decision by the court to allow Christians to use the word "Allah".

In addition, a car in Bangsar, believed to be owned by a Christian was attacked yesterday.

What say you?
As a Malaysian, I say this is absolutely ridiculous, one that only happens in places like Indonesia, India, the Middle East, where extremism is the name of the game.
I was stunned when I heard that churches were being attacked, and pictures of barbaric deeds emerged.. pls la bro.. we are a country made up of many different races, and the Constitution has ensured religious freedom. You said let's pass this matter to the court, and yet now you're pouring shits at ppl for not doing you favor.

The PM is unhappy with this

and obviously worried...

and Khairy said: this is not my Malaysia..
True, though I haven't like that guy for as long as I remember, but he is right this time. This is not what we expect from a country boasting of its multicultural ethnic and religion.

I don't know what our moderate Muslim friends are gonna say, but I'm sure they aren't happy with their radical brothers as well.

PAS stood up and disagreed with this cowardly act of terror, yet they also kept quiet about the court's decision.
What shall we do? My frens took away the rosary from his car, afraid of an attack.

I say; do nothing. Let the authority do something and give us an explanation. If this is a country worth living in, which I believe it is, then the authority will certainly take action to stop this event from happening again.

p/s: don't forget to compensate the church for the damage caused. =p

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