Wednesday, March 31, 2010

50th Entry- Emo, Quantum Mechanics and Alzheimer's

The title says it all, it's a milestone. :)
Some ppl takes ages to reach tat mark, I took 5 months... averaging 10 entries per month. Should I be proud of my achievement? Nah I guess.. probably just to know that you're having lotta thoughts when u're wild and stupid.

Anyway, there are a lot of happenings recently... Too much for me to bear really. I started to ponder upon issues like religion and relationship deeply, not that I haven't thought of those before though. Yet the world has changed, from the days where computer was a phenomenon to now where one is considered a phenomenon if he/she haven't use a computer.

There was a series of terrorist attack that shook Moscow several days ago, and today I saw pictures on MSN showcasing the severed head of the dead terrorists(2 females) and I followed the report. It stated that the two girls are actually widows of two Islamic militants in Russia, and they are no more than 20 years old. Then, underneath the link there was another link that led me to a bizzare website.. and it was critisizing religion as the prime murderer of mankind, and yes, I do agree to a certain extend.

The website exhibits pictures, articles, statistics, and really, I couldn't refute the arguments presented in the website. I couldn't do anything about my faith. I knew that religion has its dark side, yet I never really want to revisit the thought as it would ruin my faith. But today I didn't stop half way. I went on and on until my faith broke into pieces, not towards God, but towards human attitude, how human created God in their image; God hates all the same people you do...

Abrahamic religion, ie Judaism, Islam and Christianity are responsible for more human casualties than all other religions combined. This is a sad truth, and true enough, religious people would tell you that it's a lie of demon. Well the truth is out there. We see it in newspapers everyday. Even if we are told not to believe the media, we can see it around us, religious people responsible for the death of many, claiming and declaring Holy War everywhere. Lives are shred apart like paper, and corpses everywhere. THere are news about the Catholic church owning trillions of dollars in the bank and watch as hungry civilians in Africa die of hunger, and church priests raping young children..

Stories like this really piss me off and again I ask: what is the good of religion, if it leads to destruction and death? Are we misinterpreting religion as a source of emotional comfort? Or should we just exclude religion from our lives and use it purely for counseling purposes? Is there any difference between us, modern human and chimpanzees? Chimpanzees are known to formulate strategies against their enemy, and their jealousy drives them to kill their rivals.

Scientists say: They are like us.. smart and intelligent
I say: we are like them... brutal and barbaric...

I honestly think that the world is just like matrix, it is perfectly scripted and orchestrated to give a wrong perception of the future to the public. The truth is often ugly and unbearable.. I never thought that the Middle East actually is that chaotic, I thought it would be like Malaysia, where everyone dislikes everyone but we could still sit together and plan something out of nothing.

I do not want to emo any further, as this is a milestone entry :)

There was this Physics COlloquium that happened few days ago, but I wasn't part of it although some of my coursemates are. I read a paper by a postgraduate students entitled "Conceptual Paradoxes in Quantum Mechanics"
It is not as glamorous as it sounds, and am fairly disappointed with the paper itself. Most of the thing mentioned in there are things that we could read from books, and it acts more like a summary and not an elaborative paper. The only equation that existed was the average of wavefunction. But of course, it mentioned the three paradoxes that plagued classical physics into surrendering its place to quantum physics. It explains explicitly the true meaning of the Schroedinger Cat question, which has baffled me for so long, and also the EPR paradox and "God playing dices" incident.

Schoedinger Cat, for example is one of the most interesting thought experiments ever suggested by a playboy, and it is used widely in the teaching of the inconclusive nature of Quantum Mechanics across the globe. Thank God Schroedinger is so smart despite his fast-lane lifestyle and womanising habit.

Talking about smart people, I read a report about an elderly scientist who suffers from Alzheimer's, Charles Kao Kun. He was formerly the chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and declared 2009 Nobel Prize winner - an award bestowed for his pioneering work in fiber optics. He was born in Shanghai, educated in Hong Kong and the US, holds dual American-British citizenship. Remarkable for man of his intelligence, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2004. An outstanding scientist whose research had led to a breakthrough in fiber optics in determining how to transmit light over long distances via optical glass fibers as thin as a human hair, today's Kao can express himself only through short, simple sentences. Now, he could barely contemplate upon how to pay the bill, let alone thinking about complex mathematical formulas that brought him fame and wealth over the years.

Alzheimer's, estimated to afflict 26-35 million worldwide, is characterized by a gradual loss of memory, speech, movement, and the ability to think clearly.

It's scary when you cant even remember your own name..

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