Sunday, March 21, 2010

Malam Penghargaan Dayasari - Malaysian PROM

Am having a prom tonight. And it is raining heavily now. =.= God is so mean...
Anyway I'm now stuck in my room and randomly google up some prom thingy... here's what I found:

Definition: PROM
1. For most teenage guys, a form of adult-approved, school sponsored prostitution in which the guy must spend $500 on flowers, a tuxedo, a limo, booze, and a hotel, dance with his escort in front of teachers and close friends while sporting 3/4 chub the whole night, and listen to awful pop music he could get off the radio for free, for which he is guaranteed to dick an untapped pussywell.

2. Unusual American custom in which otherwise Puritanical just-say-no parents support, tolerate, approve of or feign ignorance and/or disapproval of teenage public drunkedness, destruction of hotel property and lewd behavior.

3. Akin to primitive tribal rituals, where young females are made to look as desirable as possible by hopeful parents, then turned over to spear-equipped young males.

4. The lame, parent-and-teacher-sponsored event preceeding a night of Animal-House-level debauchery at the town's Holiday Inn.

5. Liberally-applicable euphemism for losing one's virginity, out-drinking a sailor on shore leave, participating in one's first gang-bang or date rape, milking the football team's gnads dry, etc.

6. prevarication of ascension to manhood, by one's claiming to do any of the many aforedescribed acts in 4., oft used by the less worthy of the young males who by some force majeure managed to attend or coincidentally be at the same location as the event and/or activity. starts out with romance and a acting like your mature. it ends up with sex and drunkeness (sometimes babies, too)
prom night...ha ha

8. Best excuse for girls acting as teenage hos for a night.

9. An occasion in high school where horny teenage boys thinking they are grown men dance with their GF to sucky pop/rap music and later buy off the girls with beer, limo, flowers and lots of gifts in the end getting sex as a reward/show of gratitude.

10. Best American example of parent-approved teenage/underage prostitution and is followed by other countries in the world.

11. An occasion you will regret participating in the later part of your life for the waste of money, waste of time, waste of someone's virginity and the risk that you might end up becoming a daddy the morning after.
Son: Mommy, how are babies made?
Mom: Well, when a boy and a girl in prom night get together...

12. A night where fat people are paranoid to think they are fat and decide not to show up in pictures, anorexic chicks are wondering what their slutty friends are doing, ugly girls gossip about uglier chicks, and homosexuals take the opportunity to walk around with their cameras since they cannot dance.

Wow...this is harsh~~ and really, our dinner is NOT A PROM. It's more like.. an annual company dinner, where every girl gets bitchy and itchy, and stupid dudes dress up like retardssss.. and according to the above definition, a prom ends with sex.. and in Malaysia we don't see that cuz we'll be heading back to our old creepy dorm right after the dinner.. so yea.. makes you wanna travel elsewhere for a prom huh~~ :)

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