Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Distress...unpredictable ending

Firstly, I would like to express my displeasure in an utmost polite way...
WHAT THE 法克!!!!

看了MIZEN 的 “如果你爱的不是我” Video, 我的心烧了起来,不是因为被感动,相反的,我差点把电脑丢下楼了。
这么好的开局,不错的 reintro,接着到 bridge,然后可怕的地方。。。我听了简直发狂,气到。。。。。。马德发克。。
Sign.. then I told this to a friend, and yea.. perhaps it was my own mistake at the first place.. Moreover it's in the past, unless I could move faster than light I can do nothing about that mistake anymore.. Although many people told me that song was one of the best of the night, I could not help but to dismiss it as random, supportive comment. I would like to stop here, to prevent further dejection..

Anyway there was an earthquake in Taiwan recently(4th March 2010), magnitude 6.2, and there was another one yesterday (8th March 2010) in Turkey, magnitude 6.0. Geologists say that we have earthquakes all over the world everyday, but this year 2010, we have quite a number of dangerous earthquakes(magnitude 6.0 and above), and the most significant is the 8.8 earthquake of Chile, and also the 7.0 earthquake that devastated Haiti.. No doubt, earthquake is a major problem for earthlings, and it is even more deadly in poor countries like Haiti, African countries, Asian countries, etc. The earthquake that struck Gao Xiong, Taiwan was only 6.2, and there were only a few casualties, compared to several thousands who died in Haiti, and the 2004 earthquake in Indonesia. This, maybe due to the nature of Taiwan, having experienced the worst of earthquakes ever since its' first kingdom several centuries back, and the buildings are all earthquake-proof, and strict regulations are to be followed if you want to build something upon an earthquake zone. Japan is another example. The Kobe earthquake (forgotten the date) uprooted the roads and highways in Kobe, Japan, and although they were well prepared, there were still casualties reported.

The aftermath of an earthquake in Eastern Turkey, 8th March 2010, magnitude 6.0
photo courtesy of Nationalgeographic.com

We can never underestimate the power of Mother Nature. We took so much from her, and when the time comes, She unleashes Her fury(much more like seeking for vengeance) and upend whatever we painstakingly built. It is so simple. She shakes Her head, and we, much like small termites living on her head, crumbling to the ground with our "termite mounds".. Human is so pathetic... we are so powerful against wild animals, we conquered the oceans, the deserts, the deepest and densest forests of the Amazon, and the Artic, and planted our "fabric" on the Moon, yet we could not foresee the coming of an earthquake.

So the question is; what causes earthquake? That's very simple. So we move on to the next
What happens before an earthquake? Well geologists have no idea..zoologists say that the animals will become restless (perhaps they're about to pee?? XD)

toads crossing the road just before the deadly Sichuan Earthquake of China.. Evidence of the efficiency of animal as earthquake alarm?
photo courtesy of www.dailymail.co.uk

Ahh....busted.. A dead cow, killed by the earthquake in Turkey, evidence that it cant foresee the earthquake. Probably it did but it didn't bother to walk out of the barn, away from delicious grass within. It died due to:-neglecting its instinct, and gluttony XD
photo courtesy of Nationalgeographic.com

Anyway, I read Newsweek yesterday and saw some interesting articles.. regarding the Obama administration that attracts more negative feedback that positive ones. Read it yourself :P and...I have been reading other blogs for the past few days, and realising that perhaps I should emulate their SSS (Syok-Sendiri Syndrom) and talk more about myself, my act, my feeling, my this, my that, less formal stuff, less informative stuff cuz those shits repel readers. Well at the end of the day I decided not to. I don't need avid readers, I will read this on my own, someday when I'm busy out there working, I could just log on and see what I thought when I was wild and free. This is the real reason behind me writing all these shits. Oh yea.. then I cannot write names because bad memories are meant to be forgotten :P

I'm just so cool V(~!^)V



  1. What makes you feel so 法克?

  2. hmm... tak bagus say here la boss~~ sensitive le



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