Sunday, March 28, 2010


I went around searching for science blog~ and found out that I'm not the only person in the world who does this thing. XD

All of these are examples of bloggers who appreciate and have a passion for scientific knowledge, and my favourite : has won a prize in blogging recently. Yea bet u'll be surprised to know they do have a competition in blogging. :P

Anyway I just want to highlight here that these are the people who propel the world forward with their writings. The articles are good, ferociously written and very, very inspiring. Some of them do have the SSS moment but most of their entries are related or directly focused on scientific issues.

In contrary, bloggers in Malaysia are really lacking in knowledge. Most of them, if not all, write about daily crap, events that happened, silly moments, and random comments. Funny though they are, these blogs aren't meant to be popular at all. In other countries, bloggers blog about everything, from science to politics, music and of course, daily crap. Malaysia do have bloggers who write about politics, music, daily crap as well, yet the percentage of those who do scientific investigation and learning via blogging is few and far between. I am impressed with Ed Yong ( and his knowledge about basically everything, from sperm to whales, his articles are really awesome~...and very long =.=

I know, upon labeling our local bloggers "silly" I am inviting unwanted attention from these fellow bloggers who might stumble across my blog some day XD
But who cares, I have always been labeled as arrogant, ego, and blunt by many, especially my peers who steered away from me.

But really, they are stupid, in the sense that they don't know that the whale is the largest animal ever to roam this planet, and some morons who tried to be smart and quoted that the seas of Malaysia do not have sharks... sharks were imported in by the Ministry of Tourism to boost tourism...and these comments are from the lips of a university student, majoring in biology =.=

I'm being proud again. XD

but I must admit, pride comes before a fall..
the higher you go the harder you fall (this quote needs to be changed, cuz we'll reach terminal velocity at some point and cannot go any faster XD)
and I'm not very good at all in some field.. really sucker at those, that's why I'm avoiding myself from those stuffs. Again, a smart move XD

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