Thursday, July 29, 2010

Giant Panda

Yeah I'm back~! Fuck that emo-ness last night. I was trying to write something interesting but it was such a bitter pill to swallow and I rolled on my bed for almost an hour before falling asleep (normally we need only 7 minutes to fall asleep).
Okay... a fren encouraged me to fix my attitude, i.e. to exclude the cursing element from my entries~ alrite I'll try, but no guarantee.

So who loves panda?

Ah... Who could resist a panda??

The Giant Panda is a species of bear native to China. A giant panda spends 12 to 16 hours a day feeding on bamboo. But it will not resist birds, honey, eggs, and frogs when available.

This herbivorous diet is so low in nutrition, it is imperative for a panda to eat A LOT of bamboo everyday.

Btw bamboo is not a tree... it's a type of grass species... So the panda evolved muscular jaw and round face to suit its diet.

And because of this low energy input, a panda has a very low metabolism rate, and that limits its social interaction, which presents zoologists with a titanic task; to breed panda in captivity.

As we all know, deforestation and rapid development in China have pushed pandas deeper into little pockets of bamboo forest. It is estimated that there are only 1590 individuals left in the wild, but the number varies throughout the years. In the year 2007, there are 239 pandas living in captivity throughout China and 27 outside China. Pandas are being presented as gifts to other countries as a sign of diplomatic alliance, but too bad Malaysia is too hot to be granted a panda as gift.

With such low number of individual it is imperative for scientists to breed panda in captivity and then release them back into the wild.

But here comes the problem; a female panda gets in "heat" for two or three days and that occur only once a year. Once the window has passed, it will resist any mating attempt for the rest of the year.

Apart from that, captive pandas also seem to lose interest in mating. Researchers have tried every possible method, including showing panda porno and artificial insemination, i.e. much like our in vitro.

Panda porn

After years of trial and error, Chu-lin, the first giant panda to be born in captivity, was born in 1982. Soon everyone was breeding panda and yes, the number IN CAPTIVITY is kinda stable now, but out there in the wild the pandas are still threatened by deforestation and poaching.

Disgusting? And you thought baby pandas are cute =P

Pandas are known to attack human, presumably out of irritation rather than predation. No matter how cute the panda is, it is still a wild animal. This animal is lucky because its cute look has saved it. But other endangered animals are not so cute, though equally adorable. The rhino is one good example.

The white rhinoceros population once dropped to 20 odd individuals worldwide at the end of the 19th century. Thanks to steadfast conservation endeavors, there were approximately 17,000 white rhino in the wild in 2007.

It is, however, important for us to help every species as much as we can, because we are the reason why their population is in predicament today. Even the Californian Condor, despite its ugly appearance, has an important part to play in its ecosystem. Without the largest flying bird of our era to soar our skies, our skies would become less interesting.

Californian Condor



  1. lol. this is actually kind of funny. :)and SHO CUTE!
    but birds, eggs, frogs- herbivorous??
    and "muscular jaw and round face" sounds like me. >< except i'm not so cute and fluffy... =.="

  2. The mamalia that i like is human=.=''

  3. the baby pandas are soooooooooo CUTE :):):):)

  4. giant pandas are so cuuuuute. XD i <3 them.the baby pandas are cute lol. i wish i could stop deforestizatoin or wateva it is. Its a shame their going extinct. I am really getting attched to them

  5. pandas are sooo cute they are my favorite animals.

  6. How can I get permission to print the picture of the panda on the tree branch?.. If it isn't your picture, do you know who to contact?




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