Saturday, August 28, 2010

We Should Stop Questioning Their Special Rights

If you are in their shoes, will you treat a minority whose population only make up 18% of the total population fairly? If you wont, then don't blame them for not doing so. It's human nature. 

This dude is rather silly~ questioning what's already written clearly and agreed upon by our forefathers.
It has been agreed 53 years ago. We were given the citizenship, and we acknowledged the special rights of the Malays. So Malaysia was born. Full Stop.

So as Malaysian, we already knew that we are full-fledged citizens, and the bumis have special rights in applying loan, scholarship, etc etc. Ruling party or opposition, whoever talks about issue that's already written in the constitution is wrong and should be prosecuted.

That's the rule of the game~

So why is he questioning about

whenever you go to government sector and ask for tender, they'll say you have to be a bumiputra; why chinese students get 12A 13A also cannot get JPA

Well I tell you what, it's already written in the constitution that the bumis shall have special rights and they shall be given the opportunity. And so until then, you shut up, and if you don't understand please go back to primary school and revise your history.

It's sad but true, because it is a form of legalized discrimination.
But the thing is, it has been agreed upon and 53 years had passed so are you going to continue living a pessimistic life knowing that you're living in a country that practises legalized discrimination?

Well I'd like to see that as mutual cooperation, because with that we are given the right to vote and voice out our opinion. Though not all of them reaches those who really matters.

Even if you don't agree to that, it's already too late because the decision was made by our forefathers Tun H.S.Lee and frens.

Politicians should never say things like why should everything be given to them? 

Let's look at this issue from Malays' point of view.
Let's face it, they are not as aggressive as Chinese when it comes to arguing. We Chinese won't give up something easily, especially when we're provoked. If you're working in the banking industry, or as a lawyer, or even as a waiter, I'm sure you would agree that Malay customers are generally easier to serve than Chinese customers. Islam teaches the Malays to be moderate, and they adhere to the teachings of the Quran. They rarely make sarcastic remarks, probably because of their 500-year old civilization. Our Chinese civilization is ten times longer, and we've had more wars and tough times, and the never-say-no trait has been passed down to us.

If there is nothing to stop us from taking control over the land, the Malays would one day be displaced from Malaysia. The fact that they need the protection from the constitution shows that they acknowledge our capability to thrive even in difficult situation. Our ancestors came from China and now we're a force to be reckoned with. Datuk Lee Chong Wei is the only non-Chinese(citizenship) player that can alter the Chinese dominance in badminton. Datuk Nicole Ann David, the current world number 1 in women's squash, is a Chindian.

I agree with the constitution to grant special rights to the Malays, but I ain't happy with some benighted faggots asking us to get back to China. And at the same time I'm baffled why university students and especially politicians, who are supposed to understand more about our history, keep on revolving around the special rights issue.

We are the minority, so act like one. We should be grateful that we are not treated like those in Italy and United States. We have holidays for Wesak Day, Chinese New Year, etc etc, should we not be grateful? Though there are not many of us who obtain the JPA, but at least there are some who did. 70% quota for Malays, 30% for Chinese and Indian. It's fair to me, because we only make up 18% of the population of this country.

The opposition would probably argue that we get holidays because of their complaints, but it's not true. If you look at the constitution we do have right as Chinese to celebrate our cultural new year, it's already guaranteed in the constitution.

Some people once said Malaysia is the most racist of countries in the world. I'm sure he hasn't read a lot because had he been reading the news he would know how Asians kids are stuffed into lockers in schools and bullied in the U.S.

Racial discrimination is a crime in U.S, but the whites are calling blacks by the N word and Asian American by the C word openly. Asian kids are being bullied and left out. But the reverse is happening in Malaysia. We may not be comfortable with another race but we don't hear people calling us by certain derogatory words openly. And at least racial bullying in school is rare. Very rare.

In Italy Asians are discriminated openly, and in British Isles Asians are only famous for martial arts.

There was this case; a fren of mine who got to study in England. Her housemates were all Britons. They didn't allow her to use to toilet in the house, so she has to wait until she arrived at the school and used the school toilet instead.
Another friend ventured to New York and updated on his Facebook "racially discriminated as an Asian", while his friend commented "Still better than Sydney/Melbourne."

We as university students should not be fooled by the nonsense politicians say. Their appeal will only exacerbate money politics, and at the same time we are complaining about money politics in Malaysia, oblivious to the fact that it's us that had kept it alive.

Yes I agree that our government has its weaknesses, every government does. And we are complaining all the time; delay in this and that, waiting for this and that, protocol this and that. But whenever we are caught by the polis what comes to our mind? Whenever we are tired of waiting, what comes to our mind?
We're the one keeping it alive when we should have fixed it.

You complain about delay? Wait til you go Italy. Their front desk attitude is utterly horrendous. When I was there, they were unbelievably slow, to the extend I couldn't believe it's Italy.

Some factions of idiots call us "pendatang", then it's our right to complain because they doesn't acknowledge what's written in the Constitution. But if we question about their rights, then it's us that's supposed to end up in jail.

We should never vote for a politician who incites racial hatred.
Help us in other way. Not racial issue please. Some complaints are sensible; eg delay in building/fixing some problem, safety issue, etc etc. As for the scholarship problem, while we Chinese complaint, there are also Malays who got good results that didn't get to have scholarship. When you think about yourself, think about them.
We always highlight our predicament, who highlight theirs?



  1. i don totally agree wf u... although we only make up 18%, but why the quota has so big difference??? firstly, I really hope that the government can adjust the figure of the quota... it is obvious that we get better results than those 70%... don u think we deserve more than 30%? why not 40%? i agreed with the fact that the malays get the majority of the scholarships, but not with such lousy results. if they get worse every year but they stil own 70%, don u think that it is really unfair??? they will take things for granted... secondly, why those malays who get lousy results get to go to US, UK n etc?? since they get poorer results (i mean those who get 5As and below), why don't the gov just let them study at local universities?? since the government is promoting our own universities, then just let them study here? if the gov itself does not even acknowledge our own universities, then what is the point? if they study here, JPA can save the money to help more students (any races). On the other hand, it will definitely help to build up our local universities reputation. don u think this wil benefit the citizens more??? for example, those who study TESL, why they need to be sent to Europe to learn English? why not in Malaysia? Malaysia does not have a university who is capable enough to teach English? they pay RM10000 for a business class air ticket for every student? And what is the significance of doing that? They are just students, they can bear with sitting in economy class. Stop talking about scholarships, let's talk about population. why is the chinese population keeps decreasing? why the malays population never decrease? the fact is that the government has helped the malays in every aspect in order to increase the population in Msia? You know that very well, don't you? they get this special takaful (insurance), jobs in the government sector, and even in private sector, the malays must make up how many percent bla bla bla... do they do this to help the other races, those who are also very in need of these? all these more or less will eventually decrease th population of the other races as life is too tough for them... they cant even bear with having more children... u said we make up 18% only in the population and we get 30% is good enough, then if one day our population drops to 10%, does that mean that all the scholarhips should be given away to the majorities and therefore chinese not getting any? i don think that population and scholarship opportunities MUST be in a directly proportional way. and the fact that you use the girl who studies overseas as an example, i think that is absolutely inappropriate to use in this context. the girl is not a citizen in UK, she is just an international student. i think if you wanna show us an example of racism among the citizen in other countries, you should give us an example of let say, a british citizen and a chinese citizen... it wil be more appropriate then...

  2. Aha... see~ you still don't get the point~ the thing is we have already agreed to play by the rule which is "Legalised marginalization" ~ though you don't like it but it's already stated in the constitution and it needs the approval of 2/3 Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara and all the Sultans to be amended~ even if you don't like it then you might as well find other places where you think the rules are appropriate for you~

    As for your disappointment, I do agree that they are getting poor results but getting sent to foreign places. But in comparison, are we not better equipped in social ability for eg finance? Most of the adult Malays now are still very poor, averaging low income every year, and that's what the government is trying to mitigate. There are some Malays who got really rich via unlawful route, so let's not talk about them. Majority of the Malays are still poor, and they are not capable of going to the university at all, whereas if we could not get into local uni or get the JPA, our parents could somehow still afford us~ though quite difficult, but how bout them? They might be left with no choice but to stay in their kampung and inherit the same old job from their parents. and if this goes on, they will continue to be poor and we will one day be rich~ so the social gap gets wider with each generation.

    As for the unfair air ticket and stuffs, that's depending on the budget allocated by the government to the ministry, and how the ministry spends the money is up to them. Say, government allocated RM 5 million for SMK A, then they decided to spend the money on business class air fare, then the government cannot do anything also. So one way or another it's not necessarily the government's fault. Government just get the annual budget report from the school and decide how much to give, and since there are complaint from you all to put in more budget into the EDUCATION system, so the government ma simply inject more cash la~ so.. the problem stil comes back to us =P

    As for the jobs, takaful insurance, it's already written clearly in the constitution. So again we haf to abide by the rule. It's clear from what we can see; the chinese are better at managing a company. Chinese-run music centres are more capable than Malay-run. it's obvious. So the government simply wants to utilize our natural ability to help propel some of these Malays upward. It's mutual cooperation isn't it? Again, if there are companies run by Malays vs companies run by Chinese, the Chinese would earn more and perform better, and thus leaving no room for the Malays to grow. And THIS IS Exactly what the government wants to change; to upgrade their competency(though they are still quite weak), but as a big family we should give them a hand do we not? =)

    The population thingy; we are 18%, you know how much the population of Muslim Uyghur in China? It's merely 0.64%. Yes they are reproducing fast, and I also am intrigued by why they proposed this scheme to encourage their childbirth rate. But this is made by mad politicians. The Constitution itself is clear that even when we are reduced to 10% or 7%(like Indians in Malaysia now), we are still guaranteed of a place in JPA, government sector. You know the situation now in government sector where there are 10 Malays to 1 Chinese is similar to what's in the private sector, around 10 Chinese to 1 malay. If we can do this to them, why cant they do this to us? you want fair, then treat them fairly first.

    Lastly, the briton thingy. That's not the only case I've heard. Be it students or whatsoever, my uncle is staying in britain now, unfortunately he still mingles around with local Chinese more than britons, due to the differences between asian and european. That's just plain fact.

  3. Are we really deserving such an arrangement?

    When the original constitution was made, Chinese or Indians are not considered citizens. We were not all on equal stands. But for now, we are all Malaysians. Why should there be such a difference between two Malaysians? How can you promote unity when u treat this Malaysian better than another Malaysian?

    Yes you're totally right to argue that our forefathers had agreed with the arrangement. But, it is not right to keep what has been agreed forever without constantly evaluate its relevancy. To move forward, we need survival of the fittest. By deciding how big the pie of everything should be given to this racial group or that racial group is just plain wrong as it essentially allows the decision maker to play as God. The best should win, as simple as that. Besides, letting lawmakers to define the so called "special rights", isn't afterall really an abuse of powers?

    Constitution does not tell you what's right, what's wrong. Your conscious does. Why must we let the lawmakers decides our moral?



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