Saturday, October 9, 2010

Are we alone? In terms of masturbation, we aren't.

Okay I'm sorry I'm getting lewd these days. But this topic is interesting isn't it?

The fact that some religious institutions condemn masturbation and oral sex now seems a little ludicrous, because nature it seems, allows masturbation in all forms of life. Restricting masturbation in human is like restricting something natural. So why not?

sidenote: If a religious pastor sees his stallion masturbating, what can he do? Preach to it? XD

The systematic study of animal masturbation didn't really emerge until the end of the 19th century, when sexologists began compiling evidence of autoerotic behavior among elephants, camels, ferrets, bears, dogs, sheep, and many other animals. For those researchers, though, the phenomenon was most interesting for what it said about humans—and the great terror of masturbation that had blanketed Europe for almost 200 years.

Doctors of the era blamed masturbation for numerous ailments, including tuberculosis, blindness, and insanity. The early crusaders against onanism saw the problem as one that was essentially human —- a disorder of the imagination, and a movement away from the social world. The discovery that animals, too, could masturbate provided one means of challenging this long-held view. Since masturbation appears to be universal among the higher animals, then we are not entitled to regard it as a vice.

An elephant masturbates by rubbing its genital against wood, rocks.

Fruit bats have been observed to perform oral sex to prolong copulation. Bonobos do it (but really, what don’t they do?) but it’s more of a form of play among young males, and there’s one anecdotal instance of an orang-utan doing the same. Some animals, such as ring-tailed lemurs, lick each other’s genitals to judge whether they’re ready for mating, but there’s no evidence that they do so as an actual part of sex. Cape ground squirrels masturbate too. Even placid animals like the horse do it. A bull, meanwhile, stimulates itself by alternately protruding its penis from a genital sheath, while some moose can ejaculate simply by rubbing their antlers on bits of vegetation.

Ring-tailed Lemurs.

Why Masturbate?
Bat penises contain erectile tissue much like our own. It gets stiffer if it’s stimulated, so females could use oral sex to prolong their encounters with males, by maintaining their erections or lubricating it for easier entry. It also could mean easier transport of sperm to the oviduct, or more secretions from the female that are conducive to fertilisation. It could also be a way of hogging a mate, keeping him away from rival females.

Batman: good at oral sex?

Alternatively, the antiseptic properties of saliva might help to strip the male’s penis of bacteria or fungi, and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The fact that male bats and ground squirrels lick their own penises after sex supports this idea.

Masturbation is actually beneficial. By flushing old sperm from the male’s testicles, it gets a higher proportion of competitive or fertile sperm ready for the next potential mating.

Ah, caught in the act~

So, masturbation isn't so bad. If offers sex without actual intercourse, and it provides physical as well as mental comfort, given that you do not masturbate more than twice daily. It is normal for male humans to masturbate once a day, once every three days or even once a week. Some people are so busy with their lives they stop masturbating for an entire semester.

As for women, masturbation presents an alternative for longer sex. It is known that man reaches sexual climax faster than woman. Some men are good, holding long enough to satisfy their wives, but not everyone could be like me so lucky. So it is imperative for women to relieve themselves (no shame here, everyone does that) via masturbation. Virgins are exceptional because they should be vigilant in keeping their virginity up until the wedding night. But after experiencing their first sex, their desire would turn on the turbo mode. Hence masturbation is inevitable.

So, like it or not, men or women, masturbation is a part of life. Let's face it and please don't be altered by tales telling you that masturbation is a sin. Let us assume that particular consciousness doesn't exist, then would we still think that masturbation is something so shameful? Deep inside us there is an instinct urging us to satisfy something so natural and so innocent, only to be defiled and looked-down-upon by human consciousness thinking that he's the only intelligence in this part of the galaxy qualified to obtain divine blessings, with his hands restricted from area close to his genital.


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