Friday, October 15, 2010

Death of a Friend

A fren just passed away...
I ain't close with her.. at all.. got to know her in church, and... she's a violinist..elegant.. her mom died few years earlier due to cancer I think.

I used to see her getting on stage week-in week-out at church, and we met at school, though we didn't talk much, but I guess she's a sweet young lady deserve not to die so early in life.

What the fuck I just feel extremely bad. She is only 23 you fucking god! You are indeed MERCIFUL when you brought her to her troubled family and now she's dead at such young age. I don't know why am I feeling this despite not knowing her well. But when someone you know dies, it really eats into your heart, SERIOUSLY!

I don't feel comfortable AT ALL, WHICH IS WHY I'M Fucking PISSED right now. I don't have any reason to feel happy tonight. It doesn't feel right when someone you know passed away and you could still join your frens at Jogoya or redbox. And IT CERTAINLY DOESN't FEEL RIGHT IF YOU COULD STILL POST FUNNY STATUS ON FACEBOOK.

She was a devout Christian... so if there's heaven, please open that darn gate for her..

Rest in peace...Rebekah Tiong.



  1. so sorry to hear that. may she rest in peace.

    I had a couple of classmates who died in a car crash the year we graduated from high school. Just started first semester of uni with a long life ahead. I didn't know them well but nonetheless i felt angry/sad. life's not fair. its just the way it is... but we remember them, we talk about them and we think about them, so in a way they still live on :)



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