Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Yep, I hid my birthday on Facebook, which's why not a lot of you know it was my birthday yesterday.

Despite having relatively low amount of posts on my wall, I didn't really feel empty within. In fact I could safely say that it was the most satisfying birthday in my entire life-it was my first birthday as a single soul in seven years, I went out and spent on whatever I could, watched two movies, and went wherever I wanted to.

I cleaned the room, hit the grocery store and had discount at GNC. In the evening I had Tony Roma's for dinner and watched Rio at 9pm. Oh by the way Rio's a fantastic film. Wildlife conservation coupled with a lot of humor makes it definitely my cup of tea. After Rio, I went to watch the match between Manchester United against Fulham before making my way back to GSC for the second time for the movie Ghost Must Be Crazy.
Met Nightckh at mamak
Watching movie alone is my latest hobby~
And lastly, 9th April is also the birthday of my ex-roommate, Foo Chee Soon-happy birthday to him too. And not forgetting, it's Feng Huang's birthday as well.

Happy Birthday to the three of us. =D



  1. hey hey ..Happie Birthday ...
    ~~ happy birthday to you ...
    ~~ happy birthday to you...
    ~~ happy birthday tooooo you...
    ~~ happy biiiiiirthday to Malcom in the middle....

    Jesus love you.

  2. lolz. Maybe you r rite.
    But one thing cannot deny that , He still love you.


    paiseh..spam yr blog ..XP

  3. Din know that it was your birthday.

    Happy Belated Birthday!!! May the river of happiness flows with you ^^

  4. XD Can i sum u up as a mysterious guy, with a new twist of fun? LOL. Why celebrate it alone? i mean you can dun celebrate Vtine, even CNY but cannot not celebrate bday ite...haha.



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