Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Five Reasons Why Capello Shouldn't Make John Terry His Captain

To be given the captain's armband is a huge honor for any player. 

A captain is often regarded as one of the most influential players on the pitch, though not always the most skillful. Roy Keane, the infamous former captain of Manchester United was notoriously influential he could drag the entire team back from the abyss of defeat. Patrick Vieira, and his predecessor Tony Adams were two of the recent captains of Arsenal, and they were equally influential, the former even helped Arsenal to an impressive 38 unbeaten run during the 2003/2004 season.
Image: amateurfootballcombination.com
To be a captain, one has to be a role model, disciplined, level-headed, committed and all other positive traits you could possibly think of. And after watching last week's match between Chelsea and Arsenal, which Chelsea lost 3-5 at their home turf, I am once again convinced that Capello was wrong in giving back the captaincy of England to John Terry.

John Terry is a notorious racist. He allegedly abused the brother of Rio Ferdinand, Anton, in a Premier League match between Queens Park Ranger against Chelsea on 23rd October 2011. Footage broadcast during Chelsea’s 1-0 defeat caught Terry mouthing the words ‘black ****’. However, the start of Terry’s sentence is obscured by Ashley Cole’s head in the pictures shown live by Sky Sport. Hey come on lah Terry, he's your national team defensive partner's BROTHER and he MIGHT partner with you in the near future. And by racially abusing Anton, Terry might have to be careful every time he looks at Drogba and co.
Image: guardian.co.uk
He screwed his teammate's girlfriend
Wayne Bridge was a former left back at Chelsea. It was such a joy watching them both working together to carve out results for The Blues. But unknowingly to Bridge, the married England captain slept with his girlfriend Vanessa Perroncel and made her pregnant, and then arranged for abortion (so he's also a proponent of abortion). Humans have 15% successful conception rate. In other words, in order to make Perroncel pregnant, Terry would have to increase the sample size n. In layman's term, it means the affair didn't happen just once.
Image: totalfootballmadness.com
Poor Bridge. As a result, he announced his permanent withdrawal from international duty on 25th February 2010, and refused to shake Terry's hand during the match between Manchester City and Chelsea, which Chelsea lost 4-2.
Ahhh... Revenge has never been sweeter~

Mutiny, mutiny, mutiny
In ancient piracy, anyone who attempts mutiny will be killed and thrown overboard.

In Capello's England team, the mutineer has been reinstalled as the captain.

During the World Cup 2010, England were not doing well in the group stage, thanks to a blunder by their goalkeeper Robert Green, so John Terry tried to be the "hero" when he told reporters that he "is going to tell Capello what's wrong". Too bad it backfired eh?
The old fox, with all his magic and experience, managed to foil Terry's plot and subsequently brought England into the knock-out stage.
Image: dailymail.co.uk
But why reinstalled him after thirteen months?

He disappears in big matches
In the London Derby against Arsenal on 29th October 2011, John Terry made a ludicrous mistake to hand the victory to the Gunners--he fell whilst chasing the ball--without anyone within his 2 meters radius to threaten him. The opposition striker ran up and collected the ball and coolly dribbled it past the Petr Cech and sent it into the net.
Image: telegraph.co.uk
In the UEFA Champions' League Final against Manchester United in 2008, both teams were equal and the match had to be decided via penalty. As captain, John Terry stepped up to take the fifth penalty.

Alright to make the long story short, he slipped. And the Manchester United emerged victorious.

He's not a captain material
Like I said, a captain is one of the most influential players on the pitch. And he lacks all these criterias:

1)To be a captain, thou shalt be a role model to all other players. 
2)Thou shalt not incite racial element. 
3)Thou shalt always excel in thine performance on the pitch. Thou shalt always deliver because if thou do not, thus no one else can. 
4)Thou shalt always respect the manager, no matter how wrong the manager seems to be (that's how Sir Alex Ferguson managed to stay at the helm of United for 26 years). 
5)And most importantly, thou shalt not sleep with thy teammate's girlfriend.

England is one of the most supported teams in the world cup, thanks to her immensely popular domestic league, the Barclays Premier League. The English team, however, have not won any major tournament since the world cup in their own back yard in 1966.

Perhaps a change of captaincy would work?


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