Monday, November 7, 2011

Mobile Phones Do Not Cause Cancer

This is the third time I blog about mobile phone and its connection to cancer.
A new Danish study of over 350,000 people, published recently, has found no link between using mobile phones and an increased risk of cancers of the brain and central nervous system.---
This is by far the best evidence yet to repudiate the claim. Unlike previous studies which was criticized heavily for exhibiting "recall bias"--relied on people who had already been diagnosed with brain cancers to remember how frequent they used their mobile in the past, the researchers for this study followed a group of mobile phone subscribers over a mean period of 10 years, and recorded new cases of cancer in the group and then compared this to cancer rates in the general population.

The researchers also looked at different types of brain cancer and found no increased risk for some of the types some previous studies had suggested may be linked to mobiles, such as

And the fact that some people still furiously forwarding silly news linking mobile phones to cancer on social network is absolutely absurd. They are not doing much good to the society by making people scared of their own mobile phone. Some culprits, which include some engineers and science major, are supposedly erudite enough to know the flaw.
However, there are still questions to be answered. Mobile phone subscription data isn’t the same as hard data on mobile phone use -- my dad is a mobile phone subscriber, but for him to make a call is like once-in-a-bluemoon event. Moreover, some cancers are slow-growing, so 10 – 13 year follow up might still not be long enough to detect any really long-term effects.

I won't lecture much on the physics of electromagnetic radiation here. Let us all do our world some good by knowing that electromagnetic radiation from mobiles phones does not damage DNA or affect cell growth in any way that could subsequently lead to cancer. Yet.


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