Monday, November 28, 2011

This Blog Is TWO Years Old Today

Yaay, two years old now.
I just realized how much I resemble my brother--love traveling, googling information, knowing new things, new culture, and writing.
Err... writing as in... typing.
Oh by the way I kinda like it when this blog reaches a milestone, like achieving 150th post, but it's not special anymore because I've written well over 300 posts now. Ed Yong, the science blogger that inspired me two years ago is still writing and I think he has written well over 800 posts already.
The original intention of creating this blog, however, hasn't changed. Blogging like conventional Malaysian blogger isn't my cup of tea, though sometimes I do have silly posts =P. But if we look at people blogging in the west, they are seriously good writers writing newsworthy articles, compared to a lot of our Malaysian bloggers who blog in accordance to their feelings. DiscoverMagazine, Scientific American, Slate, and even National Geographic have their own army of bloggers to keep them relevant to the current generation of internet users.
Bloggers blogging for these sites are themselves researchers, engineers, and even university lecturers. They blog about their work to educate and elevate the mindset of the people around them. Unfortunately, not a lot of our Malaysian researchers and engineers are willing to do serious blogging on science and technology. But when it comes to writing anti-government sentiment, a lot of us are like horses on steroid, willingly compose with dismaying enthusiasm.

Anyway, I don't know how much longer I can blog like this. Savor it while it last. =)


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  1. don't stop. if can. Happy birthday, Curiosity :)



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