Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Giant Redwood

This is the largest tree in the world. Should I say largest plant species..~? At least 1500 years old, this 300-foot (roughly 100 meters) titan stands tall in California's Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.
Can see people climbing up the tree? Marked by red circles :-)

This tree outlived you and me (I was born 1987) , outlived Sibu (Foochow civilisation~roughly 1901), outlived the Malacca Empire (established 1402). And now it's at the mercy of chainsaws and human civilization.

Anyway how did they photographed this tree? They built a rig that contained three high-end (Canon) cameras, attached the rig to a vertical dolly, and came up with a total of 83 individual photos that were stitched together in a mosaic to make one ginormous portrait.

It's in one of the recent Nat Geo Magazine..
If left undisturbed, this tree could well live into the next millennia.
Picture courtesy of Michael Nichols & National Geographic Magazine.

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