Thursday, December 17, 2009

Malaysia won its first gold medal in SEA games football

Everyone who watches BPL week after week would agree with me; both teams suck~! Well, no offence bro.. we maybe the champion of this region, but bear in mind that it's only SEA games. It's not even the Asian games, nor Asian Champions League(club level), nor Asian Football Championship, nor World Cup qualifying..I aint no football pundits but hey, you guys are representing 26 million people, and we expect the best from you all.

At one glance, I noticed that players from both teams seemed exhausted. They didn't chase the ball hard enough, nor did they kick the ball far enough. The only goal of the game came from a Vietnamese player, deflecting a cross from a Malaysian player, who at first mis-kicked a potential winner. The strikers were awful, wasting chances and doing excessive moves.

The midfield, however was good. They created chances only to be wasted. The throughballs were good, passing, movement, but their touch is something to be looked into. The same goes for the defence. Cross-wise, they handled professionally,otherwise, it was cool. No real danger really from the Vietnamese players so I guess the defence could sit through the match, and thing would be different if the opponent were to be other team.

One thing really upset me during the match; the Vietnamese goalkeeper got injured, but he refused to be substituted, and thus generated long waiting time. Moreover, he stopped the match several times because of his refusal to get off. Officials had to be considerate la, and we as the opponent have to be considerate also, but in my opinion, that indirectly stopped our momentum and we had to pick up our attack from ground up. Psychologically I dont feel good about that.

Anyway, now that we got the medal. It is the best Christmas gift for football fans around Malaysia, also perhaps Awal Muharram gift. One Question:How long can we last as the Champion of Football in South East Asia?

Malcolm :-)

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