Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It's a new day~ 22nd Dec 09'

noticed that some people do not know what are neutrinos. Google it up people, it's good for you since you've heard it from the movie 2012. The big event for neutrino this year happens at CERN~!~
Anyway just want to mention that some elements in the movie are really crappy, you should not believe those.

A friend of mine mentioned about information from movies that could be misleading to youngsters, for example in the movie Transformers. We all know that the cube is said to be powerful enough to transform every machines into robots. You know how crappy that sounds.

Also the movie showcased the alien machine being built within the pyramid, leading people to think that the pyramid were built to cover up that shit. Hey bro you all are so sick. Pyramids are tombs for ancient Egyptian kings, and the pyramids are supposed to be guarded by the Sphinx, and in the movie there was no sign of its existence. Also, the carcasses of the old primes were shut behind a wall, could that be possible at all? Why wouldn't ancient Egyptians though they were some sortta exoskeleton organisms and treated them like bugs, ants? I mean how would some people, who wanted to build a tomb, would based their building upon some unknown corpses coupled with some unknown structure that looked like hell?

Transformers come from the planet Cybertron, and in the 2nd movie Megatron flew back to Cybertron, eclipsing Saturn on his path. Hey...Cybertron is not within our solar system. Moreover, humans shut the machines by using Cryonics. And supposed Cybertron exists, and is located so far away from the Sun, beyond Saturn you see.. The temperature of the planet should hit below -150 Celcius for sure. Since the temperature of Cryogen = -150 C, and the temperature on Saturn averages at -175 C (source:http://www.nasa.gov/worldbook/saturn_worldbook.html) Then I guess the planet Cybertron should be cooler. Why are they not frozen in their home planet?

Now that you all know how crappy it is(anyway I just like to be an asshole and spoil all your movie fun-tasy). There are also other scenes from other movies. For example 2012. Really gobsmacked by the way they fail form 4 physics~... there was this particular scene where a giant tsunami devoured that pitiful commercial liner in the middle of the ocean...Brother...you cant feel tsunami in the middle of the ocean ok..the ocean is too deep, not shallow enough to generate high wave..and since its a MEGA TSUNAMI with high velocity, it could only be felt or seen when approaching the coastline..

As I mentioned, for some illiterate these could be real. For kids, they could be led to think that transformer is everywhere. They talk to cars hoping for a response, and they jump off cliffs hoping for that moment of magic when Optimus Prime transforms from their old junk to save them. Sorry la bro, you'll probably die in vain.

This all could be fun, movies spark imagination, like the Lord of the Bing,

Hairy Pothead

Police of the Caribbean.. but right here I just want to be an asshole, as I said, and spoil all your fun ~~:-P

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