Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lee Hom and Jay Chou

Listening to Lee Hom‘S 落叶归根 now
Really like the song. It's very dimensional, the violin echoes the great sadness with its deep+high pitches. The ensemble does a great job to create a solemn and sad environment for the violin tone, and the piano cushions everything. Good fill-in by the ensemble and piano, intertwining and filling in every pockets...

As for Jay Chou, he normally uses his Cello. And that's an extra point because Cello's range is somewhat close to that of human (alto). That deep, thick sound of cello brings up a somewhat serious and yet convivial mood (using cello for Rock Around The Clock would resemble the usage of trombone), at the same time capable of doing seriously solemn and sad tone.

These two artists are currently the top two Asian artists in the market. They have solid background in music, both play a variety of different instrument, with solid foundation in piano.
They create what other people cannot~ revolutionary music, and utilizing their talent to the fullest. These are the real genius, what are we to stand alongside them? we can be their fan, but not friend. Because in order to be friend, you got to have something in common. They are so high up above the pinnacle of fame, who are we to even criticize their product?

Somehow, they are just human, extraordinary ones.

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