Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Malaysian System


black shirt guy is the lecturer, the white shirt guy being the technician.
The blackie tried to look cool, by using a Macbook. TOo bad the projector could not sync with the Macbook OS, and there was no resonance.
So he called up the technician and too bad, the slept-through-my-uni-year technician didn't know what to do as well.

So half an hour gone (the class is supposed to be an hour), and he finally mentioned the magic phrase and soon everyone was gone. But not before he told us a meaningless story...

lecturer: i guess I have to cancel this class

students: HOORAYYYY

lecturer: not cancel la, jangan say cancel..it's cut off half

students: hehehehe of course we will be bekerjasama la..

lecturer: does anyone know how fast a commercial car can go?

students: err...er.....200? 300? 180?

lecturer: how fast is..er..our...national build...can go? u know...car can go? ( this sentence was so broken I could not remember the exact structure)

lecturer: i think the fastest can go ialah around 345km/hr...right?

students: wah.....

lecturer: but if it is in traffic jam, how fast can it go? so this is the same with our situation here. the technology is good, but it cannot go fast.

Well bro, a piece of advice: your theory sounds great, but hey you should not brag about your Mac indirectly like tat la.. everyone knows u're using Macbook and end up blooping yourself cuz the projector doesnt like your Macbook. So dont blame the other technologies like that...

Anyway there are a few banners around UM, promoting us not to use polystyrene, aka the WHITE COFFIN.
They collected used polystyrene from all cafes in UM and piled it up as in the picture.

This is what we use is 1 day, Imagine 365 days~~

We MUST find an alternative, or else we'll end up in the WHITE COFFIN.
This issue has plagued mankind for ages now. It shouldn't be commercialized in the first place.

Right now when we are proposing new product we always comment on its danger and hazards. For example hydrogen fuel. They claimed that it is highly flammable. (So does kerosene and petrol bro...)
They say other biodegradable plastics are expensive (so are your TVs, Cars and expensive cutlery, and your dog food)
They say the white coffin is easier to carry around ( why not use banana leaves instead? Plant some banana plant near the food stall and you could pluck the leaves whenever you want, it's healthier, biodegradable and easy too, free of charge)

In my opinion, those people are just ignorant, unwilling to move beyond their comfort zone. Ask them to use container other than polystyrene "aiyoh susah lah bang.. ini sinang sinang mau ambik, sinang bau buang"
This type of mentality would upend the commitment of the most enthusiastic of conservationists...

Malcolm =)

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