Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cow Dungs

I'm really in love with my camera. Although there are times when I feel tired just to get the damn battery out and to move the pictures, but capturing captivating moment is much satifying than expected.

Anyway I saw an article in TIME magazine, about saving the environment. Interestingly it contradicts what most people believe; eat less beef to save the ozone.

Well this is their argument: cow emits methane due to their diet, which consists of roots, grass, potatoes, and virtually any plants. But if we limit its diet to only fresh, green grass, the level of methane emitted will reduce significantly.

As for me, I personally think that the method utilized by the Chinese Government to use methane cow dungs to power up rural houses is absolutely brilliant..

It's not an entirely new method though, but the Chinese government elevated their endeavor into subsidizing every family to install one of those tank (not all la...partial subsidy)
Firstly the animals answer nature's call and the defecate flows into a tank. In the tank the "soup" will undergo fermentation process, and produce methane. The gas will be lead by an outlet on top of the tank into the house to be used as cooking gas. I wonder whether the food will actually smell like the "soup"...

This is a fairly simple concept, and yet our government has yet to do something about it. We have hydroelectricity, biomass is readily available too.
Question: Can we use chicken dungs to produce biomass?
Answer: of course you can. Well to be honest, a single cow dung weighs as much as a chicken. How many chickens do u need to produce the amount of dung that a cow produce in a single excretion?

Anyway that was just random.

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