Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dayao preparation

Right.. So Dayao is 2 weeks away.
My songs are 60% done, and yea.. sense of accomplishment is blooming in me.
Firstly the Chinese song isn't bad, the other 2 are pop, so yea... pops are always simple.. and 1 thing with all my songs, they all involves modulation.. so I'm the u-must-find-him-if-u-wan-your-songs-to-be-modulated guy. Modulation is good, it creates a wave of excitement, a climax for a song. But given a chance, I wont desire to have a song modulated..

The singers are better than last year, in terms of attitude. This year I hear no more complaints about singers forgetting lyrics, but the quality of their voices really drops.
Musician wise, we are lacking of drummers, bassists, guitarists. Yet I guess things are just fine because everyone can play pop, even the lousy ones, so yea.. Pop songs are ok. Chinese style song, in my opinion, is better than any other songs in this Dayao, because it blends RnB and Chinese instruments, much like Jay. Some might say we're copying, well there are only 13 notes in a scale, and there are so many musicians in this world. Chances are that we might end up having the same 1st line or 2nd line. But luckily only my 1st line is the same as one of his songs.

Chinese new year is a week away, so everyone's pushing their limit during this final week to get their things done. As always, Siang Xi is late again. But I guess he still maintains his quality.
As for Jason's band, I wouldn't want to comment there in the bandroom, because I'm not in the position to do so (somehow, I will still say it here, this is my blog wat). I guess they are kinda over-ambitious... cuz they take 5 songs, and so far only 3 are done.. and they are doing heavy metal and instrumental. Hm... as a senior I would say it's not a wise move.. as they have no musical basic, trying to make a instrumental within 2 weeks from now?? Hm.. not that it's impossible, but it's very very difficult to make one that is nice. No offence, I ain't looking down upon your talent, you guys are talented people, BUT let's face it... talent can only you thus far.. Taking 5 songs with 1 instrumental.. Perhaps 3 songs would be a better choice don't you think so?
Perhaps dividing me and Alex would be a better choice, then we would have 4 bands. And since Alex is kinda good at doing instrumental then probably should leave it to him. But doing this would create another problem: lacking musicians.. well then you should blame the publicity bureau for failing to publicize the recruitment drive last year. I talked about this yet I didn't see anything being done. So I assume my advice is ignored, or heard-but-not-listened.

Anyway, wont blame you guys for ignoring me at the first place, cuz you all are inexperience in handling an organization this big.. so yeah.. learn it the hard way =)

Lee Farn

Ying Chao

Ya Shan

Xiao Zhuang

Ah Hai


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