Thursday, February 11, 2010

Senior Junior

Had a decent talk with Siang Xi last nite~
Talked about song arranging(technical stuff), gossiping bout some ppl, talked about his future, and things are just right between us, just like mixing tea and milk producing excellent teh tarik

He plans to pursue a career in music, which is excellent, and he's planning 2-3 years ahead. If everything else fail, he will get back to teaching piano, and at the same time learning Jazz music. Anyway both of us agreed that some song makers are at times, annoying; i.e demanding this and that and giving us impractical solution. He's having hard time putting the theme song together, but I guess he should be able to deal with it anyway. Luckily I'm given only 3 songs, so yea haha :P

Anyway we also talked about the future of dayao, I can see that even the execs this year are still very dependent on us the seniors. Hmm... we are now merely members pal..we can offer our advice if u need us, but pls don't treat us like "hey where are this and that? Why are they not coming?"
well...I'm just another member of dayao should I know? it's the band manager's job to get everyone to practice...
And also, there was someone who knocked one of the acoustic guitar at the bandroom yesterday and Clement isn't happy about it. It's a serious knock really, cuz the paint job was spoiled. And it was the senior i.e me who did the talking. Honestly I was kinda disappointed with the exec on duty because obviously they didn't care,'s none of their business. They worried more about the performance of the singers and their tutorial than their deteriorating relationship with the bandroom owner. It wasn't until I told them how serious the matter could turn out to be that they seemed worried.

Anyway, Siang Xi also got to brag about his keyboard Yamaha MO-6. It's an excellent keyboard really. And I got to brag about mine too Yamaha RGX 12125 :P Talked about some ppl who are proud, who improved a lot, who were unexpectedly good, etc... There are some juniors that surprised us this year, esp the drummer. We expect him to succeed the post of music exec (Jason are u reading this wuahahaha). He's mixing well with his bunch of frens, and "fren" is the main reason why we all chose to stay in dayao..
Other than that, there are also some junior musicians who failed to shine.. they are just..not good enough. And there are even some arrogant dudes who eventually got left out. I didn't know the whole story until last night hahaha~~

We talked crap until 2am, and yea.. he still amazes me although he's good. but he's lazy :P


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