Saturday, February 13, 2010

Returning Home..

Sibu, the place I call home.
Never in my life I thought I would miss this place. This small, fragile, filthy place.
Today, 12.2.2010, I'm going home for Chinese New Year.

On way to KL Sentral, and there was a massive jam there so I took the time to capture the buildings around.

Inside the KLIA express. Took 28 minutes + RM35

She's enjoying the ride~

Upon reaching KLIA

Bought a Discovery Magazine at KLIA

Kuching International Airport

Meal on board

She's busy watching movie

安娣, 我知道你懒惰啦。。。

There are some massage chairs in KIA, and it is written there "no free seating"

Can be observed clearly from the photo that there are some ignorant Sibu ppl sitting on those chairs. Really ignorant la...

Anyway now that I'm home I'm really..... speechless. The food is nice. The shower is nice. Bedroom is nice(full of my scent).
Anyway Dayao is right after CNY (on the 24th Feb), and am planning to participate in the Aiesec Go Exchange Program and also Cheeseman Essay competition.. Am doing the latter two because I may not have chance for all this soon.. really have to appreciate every opportunity that comes by.

By the way, am delighted by the progress of Dayao now, cuz Siang Xi's band is almost done except for the theme song, Jason's band is steady~ his metal is done, not sure about instrumental. My band is done, just require extra polishing, and Alex....hmm...not satisfying but overall is quite ok. Hence I can say that this year the band system is doing well. Everyone's putting in effort to make it a success, except for Siang Xi, as he himself admit. He is, again dragging his assignments to the final hour.. My band, ok ok la~... Alex.. hm..need more attention on "Meng". Jason's band should be okay~ I haven't seen Jason's band and Siang Xi's band, but according to Siang Xi, Jason's band is stage-ready~! yEah~ good job ppl!

Anyway, Chinese New YEar is...The day after tmrw~
Happy Chinese New Year 2010 =)


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