Monday, December 13, 2010

Backpack: Malacca Day 3

I woke up at 730am, packed up and off I went to Melaka Sentral with my backpack. I chose the shortest route, walked and reached Melaka Sentral an hour later. It was 9:37am.
I stored my backpack with the luggage storage service (RM2.00) and off to have breakfast.

McD breakfast, never fail to satisfy
Took the bus to Ayer Keroh, roughly 13 km from Melaka town. The journey took 30 minutes and RM 2.60. The entrance fee for the Zoo is only  RM7.00, compared to RM23.00 for Zoo Negara.
The Wise One chooseth to sleep through the day.
Cute lil creature in its mother's arms.
Mandarin Duck

This ignorant uncle tries to grab aunties' attention by showing his boldness towards the monkey. "Nothing to be afraid of la." ya right~ if it bites then u'll blame the authority for not locking it up-you're always right, and BRAVE (pui!!!)
Black Panther
There are four tigers in Zoo Melaka. There are only two in Zoo Negara. Tigers here are much healthier (brighter coloration, smoother and cleaner skin)
There is only one lion, though, compared to a male and a female in Zoo Negara. 
Gibbon drinking.
Spider Monkey. Look at the way it hangs itself using its long tail.
Beautiful, beautiful primate-the Mandrill. 
A female chimp. There's a boy there throwing bananas into the enclosure and soon the chimps came and gestured to have more. 
Asian elephant
Wow, impressive~
On my way back to Melaka Sentral, there were a bunch of kids riding bicycle dangerously on the road. They're the future rempits of our land-and possible the next MP.
Visited YLS camp in the evening and had fun capturing funny pictures with Jo, Cher Wei and Wei Jie. 
The musicians and singers were having some problem with the sound check cuz the uncle thought he's better than all of us.
I helped as much as I could, but by 7pm I had to go to the station to catch the 8pm bus. By the time I reached home it was already 11:40pm.

But it's the best vacation ever, really. Nothing bothered me along the way, and I got to go where I wanted to go, and if I couldn't make it there's no regret whatsoever-now that's what I call the spirit of backpacking. I spent, I walked, and I could do whatever I wanted-tried new food, ventured to new places, saw new things, new experience.

Next stop: Penang~!



  1. Whoa!Penang!come come ^^

  2. where's the kid wit the "asshole"? lol...great trip bro! i hope i'll such bravery to fulfill this lil dream of mine too...thanks for inspiring! =)

  3. Jo: I removed it-don't wish to pollute my post with such felony =P

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