Friday, December 24, 2010

Microsoft Certification Exam & DaYao theme song 2010/2011

Fuh finally free to blog again.

I was busy during the past few days because I was preparing for a Microsoft Certification exam. The exam was held yesterday in UM, and of course I passed~ :-) (passing score:700/1000) now stop looking at me with that surprise look.

I took up Office Project 2007 module, and it was fun learning all the features of Project 2007. The fees are already paid for by the government (RM1300 ++) so it's free for us students to take the course. It's a shame most of us do not use this useful tool when handling projects in campus-it's convenient and quite useful really, I'll definitely use it next time at work. =)

But the exam wasn't easy. I studied until late night the day before yesterday and woke up early the next morning to revise again. And the day before yesterday was the Winter Solstice celebration for us Chinese, and being away from my family meant that I didn't get to eat the Tang Yuan-and I got emotional for a while over the matter-but eventually the thought of failing the exam the following morning got the better of me.

The test was conducted by Prometric(the same organization that conducts GRE test) and hell the procedure was so troublesome. The most scary thing is that the results will be revealed straight away after u click finish. I got into some trouble with the computer but luckily I managed to pass the test before the connection terminated.

By the way, after coming back from Malacca everyone is like so emotional about the camp. So I took some time off to arrange the theme song and compiled pictures of the camp.

Just to share:

Btw if you like the song, it's composed by the Chinese Music Composing Unit of University of Malaya-Yao Lan Shou as the theme song for Dayao 2010/2011.


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  1. Nice one! Actually, I did learn Office Project 2007 during last sem. But manage to learn the very basic thg only, e.g. Gantt Chart. Perhaps u may teach me some then I can use for my UMAC activities :D



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