Monday, December 20, 2010

When Criticism Meets Controversy

An episode of Top Gear featuring the destrution of Malaysian manufactured car, Perodua Kelisa by the host Jeremy Clarkson is currently circulating on facebook.
Meet Jeremy Clarkson, the host of Top Gear. Image:
Jeremy Clarkson thrives on notoriety, but even he must be wondering at the rate at which he is acquiring enemies. Not a week goes by without somebody - or some group - denouncing him. They may just be guilty of rising to the bait, but the car-loving controversialist now stands accused like no other public figure - unwittingly (or perhaps not) of uniting an unlikely alliance of Clarkson-detesters: Members of Parliament, Piers Morgan, rural protectionists, animal-lovers, style-watchers, cyclists, inhabitants of Norfolk and many others. - the independent.

Well, I'm not the most erudite of man, so whether or not he's a schizophrenic, I am not entirely sure. But one thing is for sure: he is one fucking dick that deserves nothing more than a slap on his face for his bewildered and rude criticism.

His act of demolishing a Perodua Kelisa back in 2008 has invoked critism from basically every Malaysian, me included.

His critism is unfounded, fictitious and skewed. Surprisingly this is the type of man employed by the so-called-prominent BBC to be a host-the type that got expelled from his school as a child, that makes a career out of talking nonsense on the borderline of racism, sexism and often hitting the brakes of his mouth late. Very late.

He's definitely not a very loving man. On the final Concorde flight, Clarkson threw a glass of water over Piers Morgan during an argument (Piers Morgan is a British former editor of the tabloid newspapers the News of the World and the Daily Mirror. Their feud began when Morgan published pictures of Clarkson kissing his BBC producer, Elaine Bedell). In March 2004 at the British Press Awards, Clarkson swore at Morgan and punched him before being restrained by security; Morgan says it has left him with a scar above his left eyebrow.

Yet the people of UK are calling for the current Prime Minister Gordon Brown to step down and make this barbaric man the new chief. It would turn out to be the greatest mistake UK citizen has ever made in the entire history of UK.

This man for Prime Minister? Image:
And this is also why a lot of prominent bloggers despise BBC: they are simply awful-wrong information, biased, made up of idiots and barbaric morons that don't understand the meaning of humility.

By the way, there are some dudes talking on his behalf in forum and stuff, something which I totally don't buy into. If Top Gear really is a top quality show, with neutral, experienced host that speaks appropriately, he wouldn't be interested only in cars that go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 9 secs, and European cars.
As a host, Mr. Clarkson isn't supposed to be biased and should give every car a fair chance, even Korean and Chinese made cars. He compares our Perodua company which is merely 17 years old to the likes of Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Ford, and other not-so-young, experience-laden companies, is that even fair? Acting and ranting about like a forty-year-old teenager shows that he is simply unfit to be called an experienced host.

".. one reason i hate those koreans and malaysian cars is becasue it is not made by a person passionate in making good cars, but by corporations that simply want to make money..."

Good try Mr Clarkson, how much do you know about the our corporation?
Why don't your compare Mr Henry Ford's policy when he made his first car and compare with yours? Did he not meant to make profits too?

Henry Ford with his Model T Ford. Image:
The thing is this: our car manufacturing industry is way below the age of maturity, and hence the product that we produce is somewhat limited. It is still relevant to our lives so far, we do not need a Mclaren F1 on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. It's the experience that makes the difference, not the policy of the corporation you EXPERIENCED host-every corporation wants to make money, in case you don't know that.

He described the Perodua Kelisa as "...a piece of junk, like a fridge"

So you're saying that all other companies are to be stripped off the opportunity to try manufacturing their own car because their very first car would certainly turn out to be a junk? So every developing countries like Malaysia should stop producing their own cars and continually be dependent on imported cars from Europe?

Let's face it. Perodua doesn't produce cars that go up there to compete with Ferrari or Mercedez. But as far as I'm concerned, our cars suit our lifestyle, which doesn't involve much alcohol and hooliganism. Perhaps English need powerful cars to protect themselves in the case of alcohol-overdose, and to power their football team to the pinnacle of World Cup-and a lot of scandals.
His list of scandals include kissing his BBC producer, Elaine Bedell. Image:
Come on, Mr Jeremy, you can do better than this. UK built cars are so good most of them can't compete with Italian and German cars. And so, running out of choice, you seek out younger car manufacturers, one such as Perodua and throw criticism like a child ranting about for toys.

In case you don't know the fact that we all learn to walk before we learn to run, and everyone began as a sperm, and every car company would call their first few prototypes "the worst junk I've ever made". Perodua will continue to grow despite your negative feedback and your lost of 4000 UK pounds. So please be courteous when you talk, it's never too late to stop earning yourself more enemies.

p/s: This is a personal blog, so everything I've written above is based strictly on personal opinion. Oh, I'm becoming the next over-opinionated Jeremy Clarkson XD


  1. good one dude.. i feel like want to take the hammer and smash his head. (omg, dont take this word seriously, or else i'll end up in court..)

  2. If Clarkson wasn't so opinionated it would be a very boring show. His arguments are entertaining and persuasive. And the Perodua, despite your nationalistic excuses, is an undeniable piece of shit.

  3. you are a fuck up for writing this

  4. I only recently saw the video of Jeremy Clarkson smashing up a brand new Perodua Kelisa and also others of him smashing up a Korean car and disparaging American cars, and I wondered why the BBC is willing to spend tens of thousands of pounds to let him do this, which reflects the decadence of British society.

    Jeremy Clarkson is clearly racist and patronising in his comments about cars and traffic conditions in other countries, especially Asian countries, when Britain's own motor industry is in decline or is being challenged by cars from Asia.

    Top Gear is a sick show and the BBC is sick to feature it.

    The problem is that there are some disaffected Malaysians who delight in Jeremy Clarkson smashing up that Kelisa. I guess they enjoy being racially insulted by him.

  5. If you don't like it, don't watch it. Just watch something more suited to your feeble sensitive brain like knitting or cooking. Your long drawn out rant was poorly written and idiotic.

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