Saturday, December 11, 2010

Backpack: Malacca

I have always wanted to feel the extreme futility of travelling alone(YES, FUTILE!). It is to me, an exceptional experience. Travelling alone saves energy, time, and a lot of fuss.
Right, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

This is why KL sucks
That's extremely trivial.
Ample of empty seats on the bus.
I arrived at Melaka Sentral and decided to walk to the hotel in Jonker Street. Taking taxi isn't my cup of tea =P
My journey from Melaka Sentral to Jonker took me through the residential areas of Melaka.
Narrow road, and I was all alone. 
Passed by this church, I like the symbols of the Five Bread and Two Fishes on the wall.
Right, I got lost and I walked for an hour and a half-until I reached Bukit Cina. The weather was good so I didn't mind venturing around with a 15kg backpack.
Ooo La La~~ Reached the town area
This church was built in 1840s. One of the earliest churches in Malaya.

Parody: This is the Pelanduk that kicked Parameswara's dogs into the river. Intoxicated by rage, the ego prince cleared the forest to hunt for the mouse deer. But the mouse deer was too agile for him. After hundreds of misses, some from as close as 2 meters, he gave up. He found out that he really sucked as a hunter so he returned and interviewed for the job of a King instead, and he got it.  
Sungai Melaka
I reached the hotel at 2:57pm. Mission accomplished. Call me a fool, I call myself adventurous =P

I rested until 730pm and got up for dinner. I decided to pamper myself a bit so I went in this expensive-looking restaurant. Only 2 tables were occupied so you know what to expect.
Lamb Chop. RM 16.00
Dessert: Chocolate Brownies, RM 8

Auntie~~ you kuat lihai ah~~
At 10pm I passed by this food stall and.... the food didn't attract me, the price did. So I sat down and... indulged =P

Right, it was really a tiring day. Tmrw I shall visit several places of interest and.... maybe meet up with UM dayao members for dinner =P



  1. i like this style to travel around^^ jealous

  2. ooh looks like fun.
    and getting lost is always good. more adventure. I've gotten lost before too... thought i was too good to keep checking the map so i walked and walked and turned out i missed a turning ><



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