Sunday, January 30, 2011

Going Back Home 2011

Chinese New Year falls on the 3rd of February 2011. So why am I coming back so early?
Good question.

While I was on the LRT, I noticed this dude driving rather dangerously. You can see how fast he's actually going.
The same goes to this bus. Every life is precious. Driving precariously is something totally unacceptable for a bus driver. There are loved ones waiting for them. So as a bus driver, if you do not think that your loved ones care for you, think about theirs.
Chinese New Year, the highway gets a rest too. Cars are few and far between.
Now that's a pretty nice plane. I like white and red. It's just like Manchester United Champions' League kit. =P
Now that's one seriously ugly plane. I wouldn't want to get on board that one. BANK RAYKAT PLANE !?!? But fate was playing jokes on me, cuz that was the plane which I boarded later.
This plane is hot. I mean the chicks painted on it are hot~. Truly amazing~~~
The conventional Airasia plane, nothing more, nothing less. Perfect color combination.

I am not entirely excited about Chinese New Year. My family don't do much visiting really, so unlike every other kids, my revenue for Chinese New Year isn't up to the standard(Ya be grateful I know.. there are kids who are worst than me). Now before you start nagging me about the importance of gathering with family, I KNOW, and I UNDERSTAND.

The thing is, I've got better things to do out there at KL. I could work and earn some money, and not coming back and be a pest around the house. Mom doesn't have to cook without me coming back, and I don't have to burden my dad with the exorbitant flight ticket. Moreover, my sister's working in KL as well, and my brother would be delighted to meet us at KL instead of spending extra money to travel to this barren land in the heart of Sarawak. What's more, my parents could choose to celebrate the festival in KL and avoid all their parasitic-and-annoying political allies. Why not? It makes perfect sense to not to come back Sibu next year, and for many years to come.

And STOP reminding me about my friends in Sibu. It's all down to heart. Facebook makes connection easier and you don't have to converge during certain time of the year to meet up. The phrase "Long Time No See" is no longer valid-you could see me everyday on Facebook, so if you don't even bother to chat with me on Facebook then I bet you wouldn't have nothing to say when we eventually meet face to face. Make sense?

I'm being bitter about Chinese New Year, partly because of the money spent on the flight ticket. Nevermind about me. I'm perfectly alright.



  1. Hahaha! You KNOW and you UNDERSTAND, but is still feels so much better to GRUMBLE about it right? ;D



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