Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spiders in My Front Yard 2

Some of you might have seen the spiders lurking in the bush in my front yard. There are seven of them actually, and this I believe is the mother of the rest. She's incredibly huge and surprisingly placid even when I disturb her web.

Look at the size of this sexy lady~

Another angle.

My hand was actually quite near to her fangs so I was a bit nervous actually.

The white thingy is the spider egg sac

Another spider egg sac on the fence

Take a closer look, you can see the pink hatchlings at the verge of the sacs

Tear it open, and there they are, hundreds if not thousands of them.

Mommy spider captures a caterpillar. Yummy~
By the way I just destroyed some spider web and egg sacs last week because there were too many of them, which will lead to fierce competition for food. Some will never make it against those larger spiders so it's not a bad thing to euthanize them really.



  1. btw that's a HUGE spider! and the colour super canggih! i wouldn't even go near.



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