Thursday, January 27, 2011

Parody-K. Rajagopal Appointed New Manager of Real Madrid, Replacing under-fire Manager Jose Mourinho

MADRID, SPAIN-K. Rajagopal replaces The Special One as the new manager of Real Madrid, having resigned as Head Coach of Malaysia to take up the appointment.

Mourinho effectively sealed his fate by quoting that he wasn't hired to beat Barca. Rajagopal, though, was not about to repeat that mistake in his first press conference at the Bernabeu.
"Real Madrid has the quality to win against any team in the world," said the former Malaysian Under-23 coach, who has been appointed until the end of the season.

"I would like to thank the board for their confidence–I face this job with excitement. It's everybody's dream," he added.

"Everything here is fantastic. It's a dream come true for any manager. Even the cutleries in the dining hall has the Real Madrid emblem embedded on it."

"I hope I don't let anyone down and that I achieve the successes that this club has set for this season. In most of my previous jobs I have had poor contracts. We came to a quick agreement and I'm delighted. If I'm happy at the end of the season then I might extend the contract. Both sides are free to see what happens."

Announcing the decision to sack the former Chelsea coach, Real's sporting director Pedrag Mijatovic said of Mourinho: "Well, to be honest, we hired him to beat Barca.

"His mentality of playing second fiddle to Barca is simply ridiculous. How can we win the title without beating Barca? Last week one of the directors even saw him wearing a Barca jersey and cheering for them!" His face clearly betraying visible emotion.

"He is a good man, I mean he actually cleans his office every weekend and helps mowing the pitch. But we have gardeners and cleaning ladies to do all that. We hired him to get us the damn title, not to be an extra gardener!"

The appointment of Rajagopal will possibly cause an uproar amongst Malaysian fans who have seen the fortunes of their national team transformed under his guidance. The Malaysian national team recently won the Suzuki Cup, prompting hopes that the team is heading back to the pinnacle of football in South East Asia.

Speaking earlier of the new coach, goalkeeper Iker Casillas is full of hope and admitted Madrid are hiring "the right man capable of winning trophies."

"We are going through a bad run under Mourinho," said the Spain international. "We're playing defensively and it's certainly not the spirit of Real Madrid."

"The new coach has got experience under his belt-the Suzuki Cup and the Malaysian Cup, as well as the Malaysian Super League title. What else can we ask for?

"Well we are certainly optimistic about our chances for the Primiera Liga title now, because now we have added spices from Asia into our team!" He continued with a grin.

"Messi and friends, see you all at the next El Classico."

p/s: This is a fake news. Mourinho isn't sacked, yet.

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