Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thai Club and Bistro KL

Last night was the craziest night ever. Together in a car, a bunch of friends and myself went to the infamous Thai Club to support the band of a former YLS senior. Along the way we spotted a Lamborghini Gallardo and we sped our Kelisa past it.

Having a Lambo means having an equally big ego, the Lambo guy drifted past us soon after-and we were left chasing shadow.

Upon reaching the club I was shocked to realize that the cover charge isn't cheap, and my friends requested to have Chivas, which added salt to my freshly cut wound. Fine. I will reject whenever someone offers me a glass of alcohol-not because I don't like it, I'm allergic to it.
The music wasn't good and there were lots of prostitutes. I took in two glasses and I started to feel the dizziness coming, so I stopped and watched football on the tv instead. It was then two girls approached me, and I was left stuttering.

"You want her?"

"What? I can't hear you"

"Do you want to take her?"(she's promoting her prettier friend to me)

"Er... What do you want? I can't hear you clearly" (The music was too loud and I could hardly catch her sentence)

"Do you want her to talk to you?"(This time she talk at my ear)

"Er... do you speak English?" (I ask the other girl)


"Where are you from?"


"Oh, nevermind. I think you go find other people. I have my friend here with me"

Then they gave me an awkward smile and left. I think they didn't understand why I rejected them.
But who cares. It was a decision made through rational contemplation though I was under the ubiquitous influence of alcohol and sex in the club.

Then the band went up to perform-not up to my expectation though. The resident band was better. Another highlight of the night: a shemale took the stage and shook her hips hysterically, urged on by uncles and grandpas under the stage who might have lost the ability to distinguish the extended facial bone, manly eyebrows and huge muscles on her arms.

Then another girl approached to say hello. This time I knew what to do; I smiled, waved no and she left-a proper rejection is an essential manner, even to a prostitute. Come on, they aren't in the industry voluntarily... we should have some sympathy at the very least.

The worst thing has yet to come. Ah Zau got so drunk he vomited thrice. Eventually he went unconscious-never overestimate your level of tolerance on alcohol next time. I had to carry him to his car and he vomited again, this time outside the entrance of the club, prompting several taxi drivers to scold him-of course he didn't know about it.

The night ended crazily. I didn't like what I saw in the club, and I was lucky to have escaped from the temptation of actually taking that prostitute. Darn... such a close call.
This morning I woke up and my whole body is covered by rashes-allergic to alcohol.

No more next time, not in Thai Club.



  1. little photo to show..

  2. we totally saw the lambo

  3. oh geez malcolm...didnt know u are allergic. more thai club for me too.No more drunkenness please!

  4. lol i guess you should stay at home...
    night life a club all over the world... is the same...
    if u cant accept pls.. stay at home.. dont blame the club or girl. i been there yesterday.. its look good....

  5. i experience what you experienced yesterday, but im not allergic to drinking, im watching football all the way there, all the scenario almost the same except the girl didnt approve me second time :p



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