Monday, May 16, 2011

Around Malaysia In 20 Days II

Segamat-Bandar Tun Abdul Razak-Muadzam Shah-Pekan

I woke up at 5am this morning, and departed under the cover of darkness. The route was really eerie because it has no road light (most part of it), and it’s the only route connecting Segamat and Pekan.

Midway the fog became so thick (mountainous area) I couldn’t see the taillight of cars 5 meters in front of me, seriously! It was like riding in the cloud, and it was around 630 am so it was still dark. Hence I had to ride slowly.

Then I saw something horrible; a car had crashed into the drain on the opposite side of the road. There was another motorist already inspecting it and I quickly turned around and together we tried to check whether there was any survivor. But no one was in the car so I’d figured they’d probably saved by some other people already.

Transformer on the prowl

Again I saw several dead animals on the road, several snakes. I reached at a town called Muadzam Shah. It’s an interesting place really. I stopped for breakfast there and explored around. The people were friendly and food was cheap.

Then came the surprise when I reached the vicinity of Pekan, I saw otters (YES, OTTERS!) galloping across the road. A pair of them! Haha I think galloping isn’t the right word but they seriously galloped like a horse.
Lunch at Pekan
Old shoplot at Pekan
So I checked into this filthy hotel, settled and explored around. My lunch cost me RM5.50, quite expensive for a lil’ town don’t you think? And I went to see the office and residence of the Sultan of Pahang. And yes it’s in Pekan but I don’t know why it isn’t in Kuantan.

The palace
The residence of big gun
Sultan's office
Cow crossing the road


I departed from Pekan at 550am this morning and arrived at Kuantan at 7am sharp. I ringed a friend of mine, Chee Yan, and then we had breakfast together. He then brought me to Telok Cempaka and Taman Gelora, both of which were beaches. But Telok Cempaka is way more beautiful.

7am at Kuantan

Then I wanted to visit the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary, yet I got disappointed upon arrival because it was closed today! And tomorrow! I left with a heavy heart but I think I’d go to Ma’ Daerah Turtle Sanctuary (between Paka and Kerteh) tomorrow. And I’m happy because the hotel I’m staying in tonight is way better than the one in Pekan, though there is still no Wifi.
Turtle nests
Tak rasa bersalah ke...? Buang sampah dari kenderaan anda?

I also visited the Taman Rekreasi dan Zoo Mini in Cukai.

Next stop: Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu.


  1. i think you meet more animals than human ..lolzz

  2. *like* aHIang's comment. :)

    and its teluk cempedak lah. not cempaka. did you ilke kuantan? my town!! :P haha. kind of.

  3. LOL...

    laurane, thank to like my comment...
    i just back from kuantan...
    i like kuantan...lols

  4. i myself never go to the zoo yet...

  5. i have to agree with your friends, so far, you met more animals than homo sapiens



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