Saturday, May 14, 2011

Around Malaysia In 20 Days


My plan is to travel to all the states in Peninsular Malaysia. On motorcycle.

Everyone has been telling me how dangerous it is. I know. Which is why I don't tell many people about this. Until now. My parents know I'm travelling all across Malaysia, by bus =P.

If my bike fails half-way, I'll trade it away for a bus ticket and return to KL. At least I've tried.

I departed from my new home in Mont Kiara yesterday and went to Seremban. I didn't stop for long in Seremban, so not much picture from there. I went to Malacca in the afternoon and reached Jonker Street at around 1pm.

While I was stopping for a rest at Pedas Linggi, this lil' creature crawled up my leg.

It's a cricket, a huge one. I was so excited but I tried my best not to scare it away as I slowly took out my camera phone to snap a picture.

And Jonker Street failed me once again. There's not much to see, and I spent the night googling about my next destination instead. Unfortunately the wifi service at the rest-house didn't allow me to open blogspot so I had to postpone my blogging activity.

I woke up at 6am this morning and rode to Muar. I took the smaller route, and rode along Malay villages, and felt lucky I took the path. The road was bad but the scenery could easily be the most beautiful I have ever seen. Panoramic, tranquil, peaceful. I'm loving it.

Upon reaching Muar, I called Chee Wee and we had Duck Noodle together.

It was then I saw this lil' creature by the roadside. An injured Swallow.

Speaking of creatures, I've seen quite a number of dead animals as I rode from Muar to Segamat; a barn owl, a civet, several cats..
Dead Civet
Barn Owl
Beautiful scenery from Muar to Jementah.
I had lunch at Jementah, and visited the beautifully adorned Buddhist temple. They've got deer and Arapaima Gigas and we were allowed to touch it~ only not to place your hand close to its mouth.

Look at the size of that shit
And I touched that shit

The hotel where I stayed in Segamat has this on its wall. Why would anyone need a room for a mere two hours? o.O

Up next: Pekan, Pahang.




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