Monday, May 23, 2011

Around Malaysia In 20 Days IV

Tasik Temenggor-Baling

Had jungle trekking today.
This shirt cannot be worn anymore.

Tasik Temenggor

Tongkat Ali plant
Solar cell to provide electricity for electric fence, to ward off elephants
Bitten by leech

And so I departed from Tasik Temenggor at 12pm, and arrived at Baling at 3pm. Midway through the petrol went critical, and my backup petrol(I've always carried a bottle of extra petrol in my bakcpack) was just enough to keep it going until I reached Baling.

As a result of long-term exposure to the scorching sun, I fell sick in the evening. So I didn't go anywhere on that fateful night.

Baling-Pokok Sena-Langgar-Kangar

This is the longest route in my journey, 170 km from Baling to Kangar.
This is the type of the road; rocky, isolated.
I hit the road at 830am, and reached a section where it was mountainous, isolated, and what's worst, ROCKY! The road was under construction so it was rock instead of tarred road. So I had a difficult time maneuvering my bike, and mind you it was so isolated you wouldn't get any help if you're in trouble.

The rocky journey took me an hour, and upon reaching tarred road, the rear tire went flat. And I was really really fortunate it went flat when I reached a petrol kiosk with a motorcycle shop attached to it. Had the tire fixed, and it cost RM 13.

I reached Kangar at 2pm, and after checking in I went to the Snake Farm, which is located 13 km off the town.

Tumor growing on its' face
Look at the size of this monster!

Kangar-Alor Setar-Sungai Petani

It was a pretty straigh-forward trip from Kangar to Alor Setar. I had my RM 2.70 breakfast at Alor Setar and visited the Wat Nikrodharam. The vast paddy field reminded me of my favorite artist, 阿牛, and his song: 唱歌给你听, and so I sang loudly and proudly from Kangar to Alor Setar.

The sky went dark and it rained really heavily as I dashed towards Merbok, and that made my shoes, so I took them off and wore my sandals instead, and tied my shoes to the motorcycle basket and rode to Sungai Petani. The hot wind made the drying process much quicker and the shoes were dried when I reached Sungai Petani,
My backpack has its own waterproof cloth
I met an ex-coursemate, Ai Tee, and she brought me to the Semiling Jetty and the "Wai Sek Kai" of Sungai Petani.

Ang Dao Ka
Ai Tee
First time trying Peninsular Laksa
This is called 炸蛋. WAHAHAHAHAH!
In the evening I met Kai Wen, and he brought me to the Mae Salong restaurant, a Thai restaurant. In the end I got so tired and skipped the match between Manchester United against Blackpool.

Sungai Petani-Butterworth-Georgetown.

As soon as I reached Butterworth I went searching for the infamous Raja Uda street, and had this: Kueh Teow Soup.

Initially I wanted to go to Georgetown via the bridge, but the stupid gps sent me to the ferry instead. Nevermind, it was still nice.

The place where I'm staying cost me Rm 22, and as soon I placed my luggage I went exploring the entire island.

The mountainous silhouette, I suppose, is Gunung Jerai

The legendary snake temple-such a letdown. Three sleeping snakes, and the commercialization of places of worship has turned temples like this to lost their pristine purpose.
Hello there lil' boy~
Commercialization of Snake Temple.

I saw this Giant Millipede crawling on the road on Penang Hill. 
It's all about money now. I even had to pay for motorcycle parking.

Physics Department of USM~
USM School of Physics

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