Thursday, May 26, 2011

Around Malaysia In 20 Days V

Penang-Bukit Mertajam-Taiping

I was so happy when the bridge came into view. I have always wanted to cross the bridge on my own, though that may not seem attractive to many other people. I am pretty fastidious about crossing the bridge myself, I have to do it on bike-because the length of the bridge makes walking an impossible prospect.
I should've turned in to buy my housemate some TAMBUN-PIA
I visited the Taiping lake, the mangrove forest and the night safari.
Mangrove forest
Taiping Curry Mee
Taiping Lake
Har Mee + Popiah 
Lou Dao~
I was so close to this female it looked so huge

And I got so tired at night I dozed off immediately.


On route to Sitiawan from Taiping, I passed by this turtle sanctuary at Segari. Finally, after two disappointing venues(Cherating's turtle centre was closed, and Rantau Abang's pathetic-no-turtle sanctuary), I got to see turtles today! Those were Hawksbill turtles by the way.

Hawksbill turtle
This was the first time I saw a living turtle, and the excitement was overwhelming.

Turtle Babies 
Went for a stroll along the beach 
Upon arrival at Sitiawan, I went around searching for the elusive Kampua. And guess what, that was quite a disappointment.

Next stop: Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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