Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama's Death: What They Said

Photo: Sipa Press/Rex Features


"~The evil one is dead. Justice is served!"

~"Yet his death does not mark the end of our effort. There's no doubt that al Qaeda will continue to pursue attacks against us. We must --- and we will -- remain vigilant at home and abroad."

"~Bin Laden death can bring peace!"


"~fuck, no more games for us. Let's go home..."

"~Who shot that motherfucker? let him live! I'm feeding him to my dogs."

"~can we go home now..... >.<"


"~A new chapter in the history book. What the fuck!"

"~Rewriting history, again."

"~I thought George W. Bush said "Mission Accomplished" 8 years ago? He lied?"


"~Great! He owed us a lot for the twin tower. Darn expensive building got destroyed in seconds."

"~Why on earth did he built a $1million house in a poverty stricken area? That's like telling Obama in the face: I'm here."

"~Who should inherit his wealth hah?"


"~He used DELL mouse!! XDDDD"

"~The force was enough to take his life out of his body, without crushing the body to pieces. Marvelous piece of weaponry there my fellow American!"

"~No bomb was deployed? Tank? AH-64 Apache? MH-53 Stallion?"


"~It’d be cool if his DNA sample is released on the public domain, so that genome bloggers can analyze it too. I bet he belonged to haplogroup J1 (~80% in Yemenis)"

"~I thought of that too. though his mom is syrian. i think we could project him between the druze and yemeni cluster!"

"~I bet he has got Neanderthal in him. Perhaps a distant relative of Yeti?"


"~Wow the AK47 was simply awesome. The projectile of the bullet went through his head with only slight decrease in velocity!"

"~Ah this video footage is bad. What's with the signal amplification? Stronger carried wave please!"

"~He was probably sitting on his toilet during the raid, like an electron in potential well. The probability of him escaping THROUGH the wall is not zero though. So it's a pity he didn't even try."



  1. haha! good one!

    from teacher's point of view?

  2. hmmm, let me think...wow that's pretty hard hahah... I can't make a good teacher~



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