Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gone 2009, Welcoming 2010

Having lived through the first decade of 21st century.
Have you seen it all?

Well 1 question: What's the significance of celebrating new year?
Organizers spend millions upon millions, local governments set up celebration parties.
Whilst most of us are enjoying the celebration, some are ignoring the countdown; those with nothing to eat, having spent another day in hunger, or those with no place to spend the chilly night..

What is the significance of the clock moving from 11:59:59pm to 12:00:00am? The process repeats itself every 24 hours, and most of us do not even care, yet what causes us to care so much on the 31st of December every year? I don't see animals jumping around celebrating the coming of a new year.

Time is a common standard set by us human, and only we know its significance. Do you appreciate your time? Please do not appreciate it ONLY on the 31st of December each year.. I've seen too much university students spending time doing nonsense, and not managing their time well.
It's time to change. Hope that by appreciating this 31st of December 2009, you would start to treasure your 2010.. =)


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