Sunday, December 12, 2010

Backpack: Malacca Day 2

I woke up at 730am, and it was raining outside.

I went for breakfast at 8am, but most of the shops were closed.
So I went to the coffee shop outside Jonker and had chicken rice as breakfast. The round thingy is chicken rice ball.
Christ Church Melaka. Then I went to the Stadhuys Museum.
I remember Jack Sparrow had this. 
I came out of the museum and saw SPR booth so I went registered as voter ^.^
Inside Cheng Ho Cultural Museum. There was no one else inside so I SS-ed a bit =P 

Tomb of Hang Jebat.
Hang Kasturi's tomb.
What the fuck? The light is still on during daytime?
A Famosa
Malacca Sultanate Palaca-Awesome~ Not a single nail is used in the construction of this palaca. And... they call the royal chamber as "Bilik Beradu Sultan"  XD
Tombstone of Sultan Mansur Syah. 

Had mango cendol for lunch
A modest-looking meal compared to exorbitant dinner yesterday
Then I visited the Toy Museum. Look at all those Transformersssss!!
Then I visited the Dayao members at Pay Fong High School.

The rest of the day was spent resting, and at night I went another round of lamb chop and ice cream and orange juice(somebody say WOAHH).
This is by far the best vacation I have had in my entire life-satisfaction beyond expectation..

I've always worried about overspending during vacation, but a friend told me that thinking about money during vacation causes us to lose our appetite for adventure, and you're actually spending money to have something unpleasant-might as well stay at home and secure your money in the bank forever.

Nicely said~ so I didn't bother spending more this time around, and I'm reaping the reward! hehehe I love backpacking alone~~



  1. the chicken rice really looks nice...

  2. It was really nice~~~ if u happen to drop by malacca then must go try it~

  3. I do drop by malacca once a while but usually only to visit my uncle and they dont live anywhere near jonker. but will ask the next time we go! :D

  4. looking forward to more trips of yours :)



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