Friday, January 21, 2011

Save Me? Stop Trying

I find it ridiculous that most Christians can't accept the fact that one of them actually turned away from the church.

It's been four months into my life as a free thinker now, and there seems to be an unending row of Christians waiting to correct me back into the right path. Free books are pouring in, counselling sessions are munching away my time. The very question they often ask: Why are you so lost? Why are you questioning God?

Normally I would prefer a retreat to an offense. But when they see me choosing such cowardly decision, they would immediately begin to lecture things that has been ringing around my ears for the past two decades.

A warning to drop the subject is normally heeded. But there are people who doesn't seems to understand the disturbed tone within my sentence. Perhaps I should color myself in red and black like the Amazon Dart Frogs, or swing my tail vigorously like a provoked lion--too bad evolution cropped away my tail, only the coccyx remains.
People just love to have a debate with me over my thoughts and convince me that I'm wrong. Well, I'm a lost lamb destined for hell, so never mind that I'm offering myself up as a piece tasty lamb shank to the fallen archangel Lucifer. We all gonna die and rot away as atoms and molecules anyway.

The argument here is clear: why are we reluctant to accept some changes? Is it so hard to accept the fact that this dude realizes that this particular religion isn't really relevant for him and so he leaves the church and starts his own life? Afterall, I'm not becoming a burglar or smoking weed, I'm just switching my religious view without harming anyone's ass. But there are fellas out there who think that I'm actually hurting the devout community and so they label me as a fallen, rebellious, ludicrous dude who deserves no good future because I disobeyed God. Moreover, there aren't many Christians that had turned away from the church really, so it's no wonder that I'm becoming the latest sensation in other Christians' lives.
It's all down to heart really. Religion is good because it keeps people going in times of trial, very much similar to a gambler who keeps on gambling despite losing money--one who makes money as his motivator. Religion offers good counselling too. So it's not advisable to remove religion entirely from our lives, but its also good to know that we could achieve similar feat should we switch our focus towards something else that we desire.
Food is also a good motivator. Image:
But there are too many things that hinder me from falling in love with this thing call religion. For example, the devout would normally charge/humiliate/embarrass/curse you as Satan's accomplice before finally say "Come to us, God loves you." Well, there is no animals in the animal kingdom with the exception of human that is stupid enough to walk together with someone that has earlier charge/humiliate/embarrass/curse him. So, for those you out there wanting to "save" me, save your time and energy instead, and stop trying.


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