Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Final Exam In UM

Done my final paper today.

Four years have gone, fast and memorable.

I thought my life was going down the drain the moment my dad decided not to send me overseas in 2004.

What a bastard.

And I didn't like UM at all. Not a bit. Initially.
Eventually I gave in. It's better than I thought really. In fact I'm so proud of being an UM-er now I refuse to go overseas for Master's, even though my dad is now offering to send me to wherever I want. Sorry it's too late. I've lost my appetite.

My dad's a real lucky bastard. He took a gamble of not sending me overseas, and he was lucky I didn't give up when I ended up in UM. I could've spent all the PTPTN money for reasons other than my academic, and could've ended up in clubs and gangs, or leading an adulterous life. He's a real lucky bastard, because his son has an ego so huge it towers over his dad's and didn't let the gloomy prospect discourage him.

Now that four years have gone, and I find myself liking UM more than I'd thought.

Moving to a new place. Trimmed my hair. Going for vacation on Friday.

Starting a new life as a graduate.



  1. "And I didn't like UM at all. Not a bit. Initially. "

    it also sound within me...LOL
    but just initially ...

  2. wonder if ur son will be like u one day...or mayb, towered you :P

    enjoy ur vacation :) jb welcomes u:)



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