Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Discrimination Against Muslims in European Job Market.

We all know about discrimination, and everyone's effort to curb the problem. In football, for example, FIFA is trying hard to bring the racial element out of the game. Europeans are trying to cover up their racism problem but to no avail, we could still see cases of people being displaced in Europe and ironically the human rights groups in Europe are blaming the Chinese government for being biased towards the minority Uyghur in Xinjiang. Clean your own ass before you laugh at others.

The problem is; the trait is planted within our gene. We are born to despise people that don't speak our tongue or live our norms (I've written an entry on that-researchers discovered racism among babies). It is down to us to choose to ignore that natural repulsion against other people.
There are myriad factors that leads to discrimination, and having said that, how about an experiment to validate what you've heard?

Claire Adida, a researcher from the University of California, San Diego has derived a clever experiment to investigate discrimination cases against Muslims in the French job market(In European countries, Muslim immigrants tend to come from the same place. In the UK, they largely hail from South Asia. In France, they mostly come from northern Africa).

For this experiment, Adida focused on France’s Senegalese community, which includes a mix of both Muslims and Christians. To see how they would compare on the job market, Adida created three imaginary CVs. All were single, 24-year-old women, with two years of higher education and three years of experience in secretarial or accounting jobs. Only their names, and small details about past employers, differed:
1)Khadija Diouf, had a well-known Muslim first name and an obvious Senegalese surname, and had worked with Secours Islamique, a humanitarian organisation.

2)Marie Diouf, had worked for its counterpart Secours Catholique, and had an obvious Christian first name.

3)Aurélie Ménard, had a typical French name with no religious connotations, and had only worked for secular firms.

Adida collected advertisements for employment from the French national employment agency and grouped them into pairs, matched for area, sector, company size and position (alright I know u hate technicals, we shall proceed to the results).

The result reveals that the French job market is rife with discrimination against Muslims. Adida found that in at least two sectors, a Muslim candidate is around 2.5 times less likely to get a job interview than a Christian one, with all else being equal. Marie Diouf got a positive response on 21% of her applications. But Khadija Diouf – her exact equal in virtually every respect – got callbacks from just 8% of her applications.

These results were backed up by a large survey, which showed that among second-generation Senegalese immigrants, Muslim households earn far less than Christian equivalents-they make around 400 Euros less per month.
The result seems to echo what seems to be the real scenery in Europe, for modern Europe doesn’t exactly seem like a welcome place to be a Muslim. In France, the Senate voted almost unanimously to ban women from wearing Islamic face-veils in public, a move that drew widespread support from other countries. Swiss voters approved a constitutional amendment to ban the construction of new minarets on mosques. In the UK, ridiculous headlines in so-called newspapers regularly portray Muslims as an identically-minded group, out to distort ‘traditional’ values, kill people and generally cause trouble. Negative opinions are growing everywhere. This is further exacerbated by the 9/11 incident.
Adida said later: “This experiment thus provides a clear indication that in at least one sector of the French labor market… there is significant religious discrimination.” These examples of religious discrimination are obvious and blatant, while others – such as prejudice in the workplace – are still prevalent. Even on the football pitch of Italy and Spain, racial discrimination is getting out of hand.
If anything, this just scratches the surface of anti-Muslim discrimination in France, and that's not so romantic after all.


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