Friday, November 26, 2010

First Anniversary

Sometime around this hour last year I wrote my first entry.
A year later, I have had 155 posts under my belt, and there are more to come. Today, I have three four causes for celebration:

a)I just had my first paper for the seventh semester this evening, and the next one is two weeks away! (yaay~~~)

b)Today 28th Nov 2010 is the one-year anniversary of MalcT32.blogspot!(yaay~~~)

c)Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that sometime in the last two weeks, I got my 40,000th page view! (yaay~~~)

d)Last Friday(November 19th), I wrote my 150th entry entitled LASIK~ (yaay~~~)

So, after so many posts, what's next?

Hmmm... I shall continue writing for those of you avid readers of mine(do I have any??) and if there is none, then I shall continue to write to please myself-I find it pleasing whenever I look back at a well-written piece of essay and say "wow... mother nature is simply marvelous..."

For those of you who had encouraged me to write more, I thank you for your time,endeavors and willingness to read up vast amount of words I've written, and I hope I could continue to deliver more fascinating stories for you all.




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