Sunday, November 14, 2010

World Congress of Accountants 2010

I took up a job as a paid volunteer last week (7-11 November) at the World Congress of Accountants(WCOA) 2010. It's the Olympic of Accounting--the best accountants from every corner of the globe gathered in KL for a 4-days congress, and I was part of it(proud proud~~).
It was, however, a job so exiguous one could perform them posthumously, and seriously all I did was just standing at the door for 5 days. The pay wasn't bad so I didn't mind waking up 5am in the morning and came back 10pm at night.

Transport was provided to and fro KLCC, and breakfast was provided as well. Lunch was sponsored by the organizer, much to our dismay really.

I got acquainted with some accounting students; Adele, Grace, Qi Hong, Xuan Ne, Kean Leng.. and realized I didn't really know what's going on in the corporate world, not even the structure, hierarchy and protocol of a company. Glad that Adele was willing to lecture me on auditing, accounting, ACCA, etc etc--can't remember much but it's sufficient to put a slap on my face, again--you're not the smartest guy around T-T

It's one seriously ugly name tag.
The organizer sponsored each of us three batik shirts, of low quality of course, which they later sold to the delegates for RM70 per shirt.
The schedule of the whole event.
Photo with a delegate from Nigeria.
Petronas Twin Towers.
"The buggy will not operate during rain and thunderstorms."--Why?
Grace. A lovely lady, vigorous, full of confidence and enthusiastic. 
Delegates from Kenya.
Fortune Telling stall at the Chinese-themed Hall.
Adele--Sweet and lovely, smart, kind, understanding, never seems to get angry as well =P
Photo with a delegate from Nigeria
Registration Counter for Malaysian delegates.
Inside the Plenary Hall
Delegates participate in local cultural exhibition.
On our way home.
It was a really good experience to be a part of a world-class event. There was some disappointment, however, especially when we realized we got cheated by Mr S***a on the issue of our pay. Nevertheless we are still happy with the experience and we got to see the difference in working ethic between UM and Ta****s University--exorbitant fees doesn't guarantee quality graduates, that's all I can say.



  1. laurane: tat's the name given to us. I know it sounds stupid.

    Jo: it is~! got cultural exhibition on the 3rd night too =P

  2. Nice blog entry Malcom! Your English is good and you equip with many vocabulary! Impressive. Should learn from you!

    You mentioned that you are not the smartest guy in around above, and i think it another way round. You are smart indeed, and to be success in life, we should always stay and join with people that like-minded with us. And you have did it! I hope that we could keep in touch and work again if there is a platform for us. I am active in youth drive activities so i believe there are chances! =)

    Lastly, Adele is a lovely girl! Truly! You might consider... ;-)

  3. haha it does sound a little strange. anyway looks like you had fun.

    and your friend eric is right. your english is quite impressive. I was reading "exiguous one could perform them posthumously" and I'm like whaatt...? I had to look it up in the dictionary. =.="

  4. hi eric,
    just browsing some stuff from the congress hence i found your blog
    all the best to, if u still want to be an accountant, hehe

    did u manage to get it translated?
    and im stil figuring what the hell it means?!!



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