Monday, November 29, 2010

Spiders in My Front Yard

I love spiders. These eight-legged creatures are truly awesome hunters, they catch moth, butterfly, bug, and some catch fish, and larger ones(the tarantulas) can even hunt mice and birds.

There are several spider webs in my front yard, and the inhabitants are quite huge really. The largest one is over 4~5 centimeters in diameter with its legs spread out.
Beautiful coloration warns potential predator that they're venomous. You can actually see its huge yellow-colored fangs.
This, I guess is the common orb web spider-not very sure about it. Any arachnologist around? 
The larger spider feasting on a weaved moth on the left side of the web is a female spider. There is another spider, a dark, smaller one on the other side of the web-its a male spider. Male spiders are tiny compared to their female counterparts in part because it makes it easier for them to get around and spread their genes.
The female spider's formidable size makes her male counterpart look like lunch.



  1. u took this? its awesome!great pics here...

  2. Nikon D60 with 55-200mm zoom lens =P

  3. go for macro! shoot bugsssssssssssss (include spiders)



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