Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Yesterday I was riding my bike through the SS2 roundabout when a darn car in front of me suddenly stopped, and the best thing was his brake light was defected so I didn't even know he slowed until the last moment.
I hit my brake and just hit his car on my right thigh, and my right foot got cut by the metal brake. The pain was great--I managed to hang on until I reached my house and I saw blood gushing out of the wound.

My fren took me to the nearest pharmacy and bought some cotton wool and some chemical etc etc to process the wound.

I expect the wound to stop bleeding this morning, but it didn't. =(

The skin is sliced off by the metal brake. So I hold it up to make it dry underneath the skin.

Cutting away the dead skin

Be my own surgeon

Simply balut balut

Other cuts and bruises

Die young is not an option. If it still bleed this evening I'll have to see a doctor really.



  1. thx I guess u haf lots of hair on yours XD

  2. eh wounds like that cannot simply balut balut... looks quite bad eh >< and technically the 'new way' of letting wounds heal is to NOT let it dry up. Although I've tried and it didn't seem to work very well for me :S maybe it wasn't clean enough...

    why your leg no hair wan??

    btw i finally got to replying your comment on my blog. :)

  3. laurane... that's very nice of u to notice that I don't have hair on my leg. perhaps u would wanna read another entry of mine.

    "why do we have hair at various parts of our body"



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