Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Parody-100 storey skyscapper meant for inmates and lunatics.

KUALA LUMPUR-The 100-storey skyscrapper planned for the city of Kuala Lumpur is built to house overflowing inmates from all across the country and the lower 30 storeys will be fabricated into an asylum for those with psychiatric ailment.

The mega tower, dubbed "1Malaysia Tower" is expected to crunch up RM 5 billion off the national budget and capable of holding up to 100,000 inmates as well as 5000 mentally-disabled. The plan, which earlier received backlash from citizen across the nation due to its hefty price and limited function, is now well received by the Rakyat whom earlier created facebook page to derail the plan.
Image: billyuniversal.blogspot.com
"They do not understand what's the real function of the building at first," said Mr Jebat Hangus, also known as Kacakman, the spokeperson for the Prime Ministers' Office, in a press conference held here today in Putrajaya. “We didn't want to tell the Raykat the real reason behind the plan because we wanted to keep it secret. Criminals aren't pleasant so the plan should be classified, right?"

The plan was proposed by the Prime Minister Dato' Sri Mohd Najib in his Budget 2011 speech in October 2010.

"But the Rakyat demands the truth, so we have to give them the truth or else they wouldn't want to pay the tax, which is essential for the budget of the building," he continued. "With the building capable of holding up to 100,000 inmates, all other prisons across the country can be converted into usable land for development, isn't it great?" said Hangus.

The plan is now widely accepted as one of the best conceived plans proposed by the Malaysian Government in years. The Rakyat is now happy to know the truth that they no longer have to live in close proximity of prisons and asylums, as all dangerous personnels will be housed in one single building, secluded and isolated.

"It's a happy ending to a well-conceived plan, the idea is marvelous!" said Lim Ah Kan, one of the boisterous critics that rebutted the plan earlier on. "Now we can all live happily without fearing for our safety because all crazy people will be gone living in the building. Long live our Prime Minister!"


p/s:this is a parody I'm experimenting on, so if you like this style of parody, please let me know. And this, of course, isn't true =P

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